Fabric diving: the description of matter

diving cloth - artificial synthetic material.The industry produces a fabric by combining several types of synthetic fibers, mainly synthetic, such as rayon, polyester and spandex.

Production of this matter - not very costly affair, and countries such as China and Turkey have flooded the market with this product.What is the diving fabric?Description of its components will help us answer this question.The natural substance added to its composition, only one - it is cotton.

Diving fabric: composition

Viscose is considered among the most natural fibers.The starting material for the production of viscose is wood pulp, thanks to this fabric retains its value even today.With the addition of this component in the matter, it is possible to give any kind of natural fibers: silk, cotton and wool.Viscose - is the main agent (65%) of the fabric of diving.Description of the matter: no impurities, tends to shrink, is easily crumpled, slices of parts occurs flowability threads.

Polyester is made from arti

ficial synthetic fibers and is valued for its ability to virtually no wear.Besides, this matter - light, breathable and waterproof.Polyester fabric in diving is 30% of all supplements.

Spandex - man-made fiber, which has many names: spandex, neolan, Vorino.It is unique in its properties of expanding, while in the 8-9 times higher than its original size.If the load is removed - quickly returns to its original form.Depending upon the percentage composition in a particular matter decreases or increases the elasticity of the product.The material is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, sea and chlorinated water will not affect its quality.Only 5% elastane fabric is added to the diving.Description added matter shows that it is not easy to pollute, it has the properties to withstand such substances as oil, grease and sweat release.

natural substance that is added to the fabric

Cotton - natural vegetable fiber extracted from the cotton bolls.After processing at ginneries this raw material is a thin, short and soft fiber.Cotton has both positive and negative characteristics.High strength, heat resistance, hygroscopicity - this refers to the advantages.Disadvantages: the product of easily crumpled, has the ability to sit down at a yellow light.As raw cotton used in the textile industry.The diving cloth, its share is 10 percent.

Diving cloth: characteristic

The color scheme of things from her preferred black, crimson, beige tones.Products easy to wash in warm water, absorbs moisture, resistant to physical influences.In the light industry from such tissue produce tights, leggings, tights.These products due to good elasticity ideally sit on the figure, emphasizing its merits, it is the highlight of this material.Through a combination of viscose fibers, polyester, spandex and cotton fabric chemists invented diving.The description of this material indicates that, in fact, it is a jersey, only more dense, good stretching and unstretchable.