LIC What size to choose?

usual scarf provides a space for the imagination of designers, and today appeared at the peak of fashion scarf-tube.Most ladies have long acquired such an accessory and have appreciated its beauty and convenience.LIC size may vary, and this range is quite large, but it is important that its width was not excessive and allowed web encircle the neck, chin and shoulders.Scarf-collar sewn fleece, wool or can be connected from cotton, wool or mixed yarn.There are models with and without a seam.Scarf-pipe will secure protection from the cold in the winter and in the off-season in the women's or men's locker room.

and women, and for men

Whatever the size of the LIC, wear it and just, and safe.It does not have to tie, spread evenly, align the ends.Looped a scarf around his neck snapped over the head if you want to double, and spread the folds.The accessory can also serve as a hood and a cape over his shoulders.The attractiveness and versatility of scarf-collar is that it can be in one motion turned into a c

ompletely new piece of clothing.

Snudy made of soft yarn gentle colors (gray, coffee with milk, a dirty pink), this season is very popular.Scarf-tube combined fabric, knitted fabric, knitted fabric - stylish and attracts public attention thing.Chic and elegant pose a combination of cashmere, cotton and fragments of volume knit.And though Snudy often perceived by people as the subject of women's clothes, men and may well choose a stylish model.It is usually smooth scarves soothing colors of the dense fabric.They go well together, not only with a sports jacket, but with a classic coat and jacket.

From what to wear scarf-collar?

For lovers of casual style scarf-tube is irreplaceable.It adds flavor and accentuate the features of the style.The size of LIC and its coloring is better to choose based on the features and colors of the available clothing.Matched in color and quality of the material under a sweater, mittens or socks, scarf-tube creates a harmonious ensemble, and will look very nice.

possibility of wearing this accessory with a coat, jacket or coat, fur vest, dress or pullover makes it universal and democratic.Long or shorter, wide or narrow, solid or openwork - in any version looks great scarf-LIC, the size of which can be very diverse.

way, the accessory is appropriate not only in conjunction with outerwear.The bulk knitted scarf relief harmonizes perfectly with jeans, a thin sweater and knitwear shoes on high-soled shoes.And for the short slinky black dress with boots on a thin heel tracery LIC is appropriate and stylish decoration.Openwork is also the best combination for t-shirts, blouses and tunics.But sweaters and cardigans in black and white require a choice scarf-tube dark.For white clothing ensembles safely choose bright colored accessories.

Buy or make your own hands?

Of course, it is not difficult to connect or make yourself a scarf.We only need to have a minimum of needlework skills, choose the yarn, fabric, size, LIC, and then get to work.Simple cut and only one seam, knitted or crocheted cloth circle enable to easily implement any ideas and imagination.

If no time or desire to engage in handicrafts, a wide range of products to buy in the store favorite LICs.Its size may be different, remember this, trying on accessories like a scarf, cape over his shoulders, headdress.Strict laconic model approach to things in the classical style, and the thing with large knitted ornament beads, fur, embroidery - a more democratic way.