Logarithmic line - the main computing unit of the XX century

In this age of computer technology, most calculations of the design technology is fully automated, engineers can only enter through a user-friendly interface required parameters.

XX century was called differently.It was the atomic and space, and information.The aircraft improved aircraft, and they turned out awkward biplanes to supersonic MiGs rapid, "Mirage" and "Phantoms."Giant aircraft carriers and submarines began to plow the seas and oceans at all latitudes.At Los Alamos (New Mexico) experienced an atomic bomb, and in Obninsk near Moscow started to give the first power plant.Rocket soared skyward ...

how to calculate the atomic bomb, missiles and jet aircraft?

Historical records show the process of working on these achievements.Scientists and engineers in white coats standing at the drawing boards, and sitting at tables laden with drawings, to produce complex technical and scientific calculations on adding machines.Sometimes, in the hands of the Tupolev, Kurchatov Teller or suddenly appear

s a thing unknown to modern young man - a slide rule.Photos of those whose youth was held in the postwar decades, right up to the 80s, also recorded nemudreny this subject, successfully replaces the calculator while studying at the institute, or graduate school.And the thesis also believed her at rodnenky.

On what basis arranged a logarithmic scale?

main principle of this wooden object, carefully pasted over with white celluloid scales, based on a logarithmic basis, as the name implies.More precisely, in the common logarithm.After all, anyone who has taught advanced mathematics, knows that their sum is equal to the logarithm of the product and, therefore, properly causing division by moving parts, can ensure that the multiplication (and hence the division), squaring (and root extract)become simple affair.

logarithmic line has become popular in the XIX century, when the main tool for calculations was the usual scores.This invention - a real godsend for the then scientists and engineers.Not all at once they figured out how to use this device.To learn all the tricks and identify its potential to the full, new fans are counting mechanism should have read the special allowances, sufficient volume.But it was worth it.

Rulers are different, even round

However, the main advantage of which has a logarithmic scale - its simplicity, and hence reliability.Compared with other methods of calculation (as long as there were no calculators) operations were carried out much faster.But there are moments that should not be forgotten.You can perform calculations with a mantissa that is whole (up to nine) and a fractional part of the number up to two (three, who have very good eyesight) decimal places.The order of the numbers needed to keep in mind.There was one drawback.Logarithmic line a small, handheld device, but it is difficult to call - 30 centimeters, after all.

However, the dimensions do not become a barrier to inquiring minds.For those who due to their activities should be counting device is always with him, was invented compact logarithmic scale.The dial arrow gave her resemblance to the clock, and some models of luxury timepieces kept it on my dial.Of course, the possibilities of this device and its accuracy is somewhat inferior to the corresponding parameters of the classical line, but it was always possible to carry in your pocket.Yes, and it looked more aesthetically pleasing!