Polyamide (cloth): what it is and where it is used?

Polyamide (fabric) - what is it?As a result of chemical refining, coal, natural gas, an entire group of fibers is obtained.These include nylon, nylon, Perlon, Silon.It called it all in one word - PA (Polyamide).Polyamide fabric is classified as a synthetic material.In the textile industry before all man-made fibers occupied leading positions in the world market polyamide (cloth).What is it and where is it used?

It began to be used widely in the middle of the last century.Polyamide fabric surface often rough, but may be smooth, and shiny.Matter of this raw material, due to the easy, not laborious staining, obtained a wide variety of colors.

Polyamide - Fabric

products from this raw material, due to their properties, are very popular.But not many know that the raw material is called "PA" (cloth).What is it we learn by examining its composition and properties.

order to remove the disadvantages tissue, scientists have found a method of introducing the fiber structure of various stabilizers in which

the polyamide have become major advantages.This is an excellent breathability, quick drying, durability, softness and lightness, as well as resistance to moisture.The fabric has good resistance to it is not chemical and biochemical reagents.

Like any other product, along with the advantages and disadvantages are.Material fade in the sun, after several washings becomes brittle, poorly flushed, has a high electrified.Polyamide fiber melts, odorless and burns as a result of melting forms a soft ball.

What is 100% polyamide (cloth)?

Actually - this nylon.Heavy, light, together with the soft cloth.It can be rolled or folded to the smallest size.It is very easy to operate and almost weightless.It is used mainly in light industry, from her sew outerwear - coats, jackets, coats, jackets.These things are well-kept and retain their shape, very strong and socks, do not crumple easily erased, they do not iron, they dry quickly, do not get wet and reliably protect from wind.

range use

Polyamide cloth found its use in the manufacture of consumer goods.
Due to the fact that it comes in the form of filaments continuously reel from it produce all sorts of fishing nets and ropes.This is the most expensive of all the fiber, which are artificial.In the process of weaving, creates textured fibers which turns PA (tissue).What is it and what they are combined?Very often, a polyamide yarn is twisted with wool or cotton fibers, thereby creating a new fabric, durable and stable.Compared with polyester polyamide has greater strength and durability.

Care cloth Polyamide

Just like most synthetic fabrics, polyamide well cleared manually.Purification can be carried out in a washing machine at a temperature of not more than 40 degrees.Well dried quickly in air, thus it is better to hang wet.The centrifuge drying is not necessary.Do not use bleach.Recommend a warm iron to iron without using steam.