A set of "Midori" - the original decision for the holiday table

Japanese dishes have become part of our lives.Sushi - is delicious, not trivial, and is consistent with the concept of healthy eating.Well, who would not want to try delicious sushi?However, if you cook rolls at home, you know how it is long and difficult, but the result of work often do not look happy.It turns out it's not so hard when there is a set of "Midori".It is simply irreplaceable thing for true connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine, or wish to learn how to cook exotic dishes.

What is the set of "Midori"?

Firstly, no special knowledge of Japanese culture and culinary talents of neat rolls can be prepared in just a few minutes.

Secondly, it is nice to please family and friends of rolls of various shapes from traditional round to the unusual - in the shape of a heart.

Third, the real significant savings on restaurants and order at home, using a set of rolls for the "Midori": the price of the ingredients in the order of magnitude lower than the cost of the finished dish.

Fourth, you have full

confidence in the quality and freshness of foods.

Finally, hit the visitors with their talent, although the cooking process was simple and short-lived.


Set "Midori" includes all kinds of shapes and molds: for punching, for the manufacture of rolls of various shapes;cover to the flat top;knife for accurate cutting rolls;fork blade for rice.Thus, it contains everything in order to be able to make a delicious and beautiful land.It remains only to buy rice, a sheet of nori, salmon, avocado, cream cheese.

preparation technology

Set "Midori" makes the process for the production of land fairly simple and affordable.First, you must put on an ad hoc basis on the form, it is carpeted in nori sheet.Convenient plug fill the form of a set of rice.Only one movement of the press are also included in the set - and is ready to deepen filling.This is followed by laying the favorite fish, avocado and cream cheese spread.Then everything is covered with rice, a special rake leveled and tamped it.Top cover with a sheet of nori.Other press thicken cooked loaf.It remains only to take a knife and cut it.The forms are provided with slots for smooth and accurate cuts.Rolls obtained ideal form.Prepare a tray of Japanese women was quite simple.Expose on the table wasabi, ginger, treat friends.All provided a wonderful mood.Want to try sushi, there is no need to go to the coffee shop, Japanese cuisine with its unique traditions moved into your house.


Set "Midori" - a unique helper in the kitchen.With it you can create and seafood rolls with cucumber, shrimp and avocado.And how do you sweet rolls with fruit?Experiment.Set inspire culinary creativity.Tasty rolls, pitas with various fillings, pancakes, mini-rolls with cheese filling and even the cake "potato" with taste of childhood - all are easy to prepare, using the "Midori".Includes a lot of kinds of devices with a wide culinary and design potential - it is to dream a little.It is useful to make a gift to a friend, connoisseur of Japanese cuisine.Set for sushi "Midori", whose price - up to 1,000 rubles, a pleasant surprise.You will be able to organize theme nights, delighting all Japanese dishes.