Clutch Hand: Chair of various types

Walking with a child on a snow-covered town - it's always a pleasure, however, provided that the mother and baby are dressed accordingly.Young women often are allergic to cold.Very often such a problem haunts those who have recently given birth to a baby.This is due to a temporary failure in the vascular system.Mommy complain that while walking their hands are freezing, even very warm gloves.To help solve this problem will help a special clutch hand.Chair can choose a variety of models, the color of the stroller or things from your own wardrobe.Today, we look at some types of couplings.

What material is used for the coupling

When making use of this accessory and the artificial fur and even fleece.The top layer is usually made of plaschevki any other waterproof fabric.To insulate it, fit batting, padding polyester.You can also use hollofayber.This information is for those who are preferably made with their own hands clutch hand.Chair different types of these accessories are different: solid or separa


clutch hand: for carriages and sleighs

This much needed accessory can be of two types: fused and separate.Fused coupler hand, the photo you see in this article, suitable for a stroller with a handle or a sled.A separate coupling consisting of two mittens, suitable for buggies.Today, you can find samples of these products, designed for different weather conditions: Warm, fur, with a water-repellent coating.

Pay attention to the quality of the product

Due to the fact that the sleeve is in contact with the skin of your hands, its quality should be given special attention.Otherwise, instead of the expected benefits from its use, you can get a strong irritation.Moreover, low-quality material can cause allergy attack.

clutch Ramil Baby

This is a quality product of separate type, made of natural medical sheepskin.In the production of the fur is not used chromium and other heavy metals, so the product is hypoallergenic.Coupling sits comfortably in the hand and the handle is attached to the stroller.

Clutch Hand "Teplysh»

This product Russian producers.It fits all types of strollers with solid handle.The top layer is made of water-repellent fabric, insulation is sintepon, interior - faux fur.

clutch Esspero

Universal model for all strollers with one handle.To model comfortably is adjacent to the hand, it is equipped with elastic bands and additional buttons with which you can change the configuration as desired.Not only in cold, but in rainy weather may be used for the coupling arms.Chair recreational-type top layer of the product is made of waterproof fabric.And one more unquestionable advantage.This coupling is suitable to all types of wheelchairs: reed, book, classic.It will warm your hands and make a walk in the frosty air, pleasant and comfortable.