Faringosept during pregnancy

catch a cold in the first trimeste pregnancy.Unfortunately, it turns out virtually every woman.The simplest possible even in warm weather, but most prosuda catches in the winter, when all around people are beginning to cough and sneeze.In this situation, pregnant women, even those that comply with the utmost caution, it is difficult to protect themselves from viral infection.It should be noted that it is absolutely not difficult to catch a cold in rainy weather.Therefore, before you advise "Faringosept" of pregnancy to treat throat, it would be better to start with prevention of colds without medikametnov.

is very important to correctly identify the disease.Influenza can be easily mistaken for acute respiratory infections, sore throat or something else.And if we talk about treatment methods, they are significantly different for different types of diseases!


excellent remedy against flu will be a good doctor, safe medication and bed rest.It is very important before planning pregnancy to

protect your health, because it hardened quickly and easily able to cope with any cold.It is also a very effective and will be vaccinated against the flu, after which necessarily must pass about a month before pregnancy.

It is important to use Horsham vitamins, both in volume and in the form of tablets.Thus, you give your body all the necessary nutrients, which he does not get along with the food.Walking in the fresh air, the use of onions and garlic will also become an excellent tool for the prevention of colds and flu.You can even arrange home sliced ‚Äč‚Äčonions on a saucer to kill germs present in the room.

If you feel that you have a sore throat - do not tighten.After all, a sore throat may be the primary cause of the common cold.In such a case will efektivnost "Faringosept" during pregnancy.This drug does not bear any side effects during the childbearing and appointed many doctors.But still, it is better to use ordinary salt water or baking soda for gargling.

also not to pick up an infection, the expectant mother should be to minimize the stay in public places.Means, supermarkets, shops, cinemas, public transport and so on.If the home is one of the family is sick with influenza, do not try to contact him, but it is best to ask to wear special bandage.It is necessary to frequently ventilate the room in which are periodically humidify the air in it.You can use a special moisturizer or just put a bowl of water from the battery.

How to treat throat and runny nose?"Faringosept" Pregnancy

gargle not just effective, but also are required.This is necessary in order to influenza has not passed in angina, which can develop from other more serious diseases.In addition to the drug "Faringosept" tablets from other manufacturers can also take during pregnancy, but only if prescribed by a doctor.Excellent help rinsing the nose with water, salted with sea salt, as well as solutions with infusion of oak bark, sage, calendula, chamomile.Sometimes make a solution for rinsing with baking soda, salt and iodine (1/3 hr. L. Of salt and baking soda, add a few drops of iodine).

As stated above, "Faringosept" during pregnancy is effective in the treatment of throat.It is important to read the product information in the section Faringosept instruction during pregnancy.This drug is given at the first painful sensation in the throat.

Speaking of vasoconstrictor nose drops at a cold, it can be attributed to such "Naphthyzinum", "Galazolin" and "Sanorin."But it should be remembered that during prolonged use, they drain mucous, so no doctor appointments they should not be accepted.

At the first sign of a cold is necessary to keep your feet warm, you can also attach to the nose bag of hot salt or a boiled egg.A good remedy for the common cold are washing salt water, after which you will feel relief.