Balaklava - a mask and a cap "in one bottle"

Balaklava - a mask, which is also the headdress.The most common model with a cut to the eye but also meet the product with additional holes for mouth, nose and ears.It is very interesting to learn the history of origin of the item of equipment, as well as the scope of the Balaclava in modern society.

origin of the name

Those people who are not very interested in history, but geography knows well enough, it is surprising that the name of the headdress is consonant with the name of the city, located on the peninsula of Crimea.It is easy to explain, because it was during the Crimean War, the British first used like element of the wardrobe.

Indeed, during the military operations on the outskirts of the city of Balaklava British soldiers faced with an unusual climate for themselves.In order to protect themselves from the cold, they are tightly wrapped up faces with scarves, but it was not very convenient.Then one of the officers came up with the idea of ​​creating such an item of equipment as balacl

ava.Mask so pleased subordinates that quickly turned into a compulsory element of camp form.

Of course, many people, such as the Bedouin, there are hats with different names but very similar to the balaclava, which perform the function of protection from sun and sandstorms.However, many researchers argue that historically they are much older than the English version.


Balaklava (cap-mask) is commonly used to protect the face and head from adverse weather conditions such as cold or dust.This is a very important element of military equipment, sportsmen and rescuers.However, many extremist and criminal groups is also used balaclava.The mask helps them to hide their faces and provide additional psychological effect on the enemy.

skiing, paintball and other outdoor activities are also not paid attention balaclava.This is not surprising, because it is the best balaclavas.If we are talking specifically about paintball is "balaclava" is an excellent protection against ingress of hair dyes.

Depending on the particular task, the gear element can have a different color.The most common protective, black and olive green.Also, manufacturers produce special winter models, which feature is the use in their manufacture warmer and thicker material with the addition of wool.

Exclusive models

Balaklava - a mask that can be used not only for practical purposes.Some of its modifications may be used as one of the elements of costumes on various thematic events.For example, the mask "balaclava with a skull" is perfect for Halloween.

Many manufacturers now produce such masks.In addition to the skull, as the figure used by the image of superheroes comic books and movies.With such things can easily surprise your friends and become the center of attention.