Attributes for the wedding with his own hands : cushion rings , wedding champagne glasses , a book for wishes and photos

Wedding - one of the most important holidays for everyone.It has long been out of fashion celebration of weddings in the normal way.Today, every couple wants to emphasize their individuality.And this applies not only to the choice of clothes and the place of celebration, but also to such a sweet little things like pad, which will lay the ring waiting for the ceremony, wedding glasses, albums for the wishes of guests, invitations.It's no secret that the best way to get an individual thing, "with soul" - is to create its own.That's about it and talk, but try to choose something that will make even the young bride.The result will surpass expectations!

Wedding glasses handmade

glasses for a wedding and you can buy, but much more interesting and unusual look is hand-made.The surface may be a paint, for example, an acrylic paint.Good fit subjects such as swans, flowers, floral ornament, ring.Ready pattern can be decorated with rhinestones, sequins cover (just a little!).Wedding glasses look great, styli

zed images of the newlyweds, one in evening dress, the second veil.To make such a need fancy, simple tools, beads, satin patches, tape and a piece of tulle.From black and white ribbons can be made suit "groom", sticking them to the glass glue - such as "The Moment".Decorate with small buttons, pearl hemispheres.It can be stuck his lapel rosette.To dress "Bride" useful lace.Do not be afraid to improvise, creating a dress.A small scrap of tulle attach to the back of the wine glass, decorated of attaching large beads.All stylish wedding glasses are ready!At the same time it took quite a bit of money and materials, too.

pillow rings

Make pillow snap!It takes flap satin piece of padding polyester and various "decorations": ribbons, lace cuts of white beads of all sizes, thermal, flowers, tulle ... All that prompt the imagination.Satin kroim 2 of the cushion.The easiest way to make a square, but you can round or heart-shaped.The entire inlay sew (or glue) to one side and only then sostrachivaem both parts together.Do not forget about small hole through which they can turn.Stuffed with synthetic padding, sewed up the hole manually.By the middle of the pads can be sewn tape, so attach it rings will be easier.

Wedding Album

Great idea - make a photo album and wishes of guests!Right during the celebration of friends and family will be able to write to it wishes the young.There also will be pasted and photos.
to make an album with his own hands, it is not necessary to learn all the details of bookbinding.You can simply buy a thick album and decorate the cover.We take otrez white fabric: satin, artificial leather, brocade.It is easier fit and fabric: batiste, satin.You can experiment with linen and proshvoy.The dimensions of the flap must be greater than the album cover.If between the cover and cloth lay thicker layer of padding polyester, the album will look much prettier.Fabric glue, you can use a gun, "Moment," "Bustilat" and even PVA.Bookends the album you need to seal the plain paper, but better - design, with a suitable print.Decorate the album, you can use felt ready wedding scrapbook kits, ribbons, beads, buttons.On the cover you can place a photo of young and different pictures: rings, wedding wine glasses with champagne, limousine inscriptions.