The unusual theme parties on birthday

Tired of trite to celebrate his birthday: to collect all the same table, something to eat, drink, blow out the candles on the cake and send everyone home?Then you need to change something!I propose to find out which theme parties for my birthday now popular, maybe one of them will like you.First, I suggest to find out "what the trick".

main task - to select the original theme for the holiday, so you and your guests to beat her as much as possible and get a lot of emotions.Here you need to think through every detail, from the costumes, decor, contests and ending with the menu and drinks.The main thing - that the company was relevant to your guests were not shy and behaved most relaxed.Let's look at some ideas for theme parties.

Theme №1 - Hawaii

It's just perfect for the birthday boy, who lives in his house as a summer sunny day this scenario will "light up" in the backyard of your cottage.Registration should be bright and cheerful.Be sure to buy Hawaiian flowers, used to make beads on her neck, a

straw to make a Hawaiian skirt.Such thematic parties for my birthday are very popular in America, and we are worse?As for food, then it should be easy, and best of all, if it's a buffet.Many fruits, such as banana, mango, kiwi and, of course, coconuts.They can serve as a simple decoration, or you can arrange a competition - who was the first break it at the time.Do not forget about the music, which should be catchy, so that none of your guests is not standing still.

Theme №2 -

Retro 60s and 80s - the theme for the theme parties that enjoy the greatest success in the modern world.Like it or not, but today everything is very long for the time when it was fashionable to wear socks and wide skirts or jeans-bananas, twist, rock-n-roll or disco.Therefore, we take a large bowl and cook a huge punch on the company of your friends.As for clothes, I think everyone somewhere in a distant box has at least some clothes parents or grandparents, which they wore in those fun times.Bright colors, fun contests and dances unusual for the 21st century will remain in the memory of your guests for a long time.After that, similar theme parties for my birthday will be for you an annual event.As for the menu, you can ask your parents or surf the Internet in search of interesting recipes.

Theme №3 - Tales

Here precisely is where carousing fancy!Theme parties for my birthday can become oriental tale "1001 Nights", the vampire saga "Twilight" or be sustained in the style of "Harry Potter."Here it is all depends on your preference.Take, for example, the story in the Oriental style.You will definitely need to buy a lot of chiffon to make a tent.You will also need a large number of pillows to be scattered on the floor.Meals can also carry out on the floor, as is common in eastern countries.Beautiful costumes can be rented, or just make them from scarves and shawls.Well, as without oriental sweets, which today can be found in any pastry shop.

Now the main thing - to decide what you like and start organizing your holiday.