Fun games and competitions at the table for an anniversary

Different companies have fun in different ways.Someone who likes outdoor activities and nature trips on a given occasion, and some simply gather around the table and say the next event.And if nature is much easier to entertain guests, rather than just in the apartment to spend an entertaining evening, sitting on the couch, is also possible.


Great game for the company, where most of the guests are strangers to each other.To do this you need to put in a circle roll of toilet paper, which all guests will need to tear off a certain number of pieces.Further, all the pieces are translated and depending on how many pieces of paper to get a certain man, so much the facts of his own biography, he should tell others.


For any team to be interesting competitions at the table for an anniversary, after all just eat and talk can be boring.Therefore, to help dilute the evening contest, called "Activity under the table."To do this, select the smallest person and just run it under the table, wh

ere it will turn to each guest take off your shoes.Who laugh or give himself - out of the game.And so to the last person who will be the winner.


Also interesting are such competitions at the table for an anniversary, as games in the association.So that leads you need to give each guest a piece of paper and a pencil, where all write four answers to the question "What do you associate the forest, sea, cats, and horses?" So, ideally, forest - that's life, the sea - love,cat - women, horses - men.Interesting is the reading of the responses.Who will be closest to the truth, and he is a winner.


can use and culinary competitions at the table for an anniversary.So, you must first give the job to women - guess what products created from a particular dish and have to pick a winner based on the results.But the most fun this competition can spend it with men who are far removed from the kitchen.Very funny prove their answers.


Contests at the table for an anniversary can also be literary.For example, you can give the job to all the guests to remember the works of an author.Who will list more and the winner.

Music Competitions for an anniversary at the table may also relate to the music.In particular given the letter, all guests must remember as many singers, singers, music bands and songs.Who will give the most correct answers to all the questions, he is a winner.


contests Funny birthday at the table, eating that relate to a particular product.For example, participants may be offered to eat ice cream, for example, using a banana peel or the fruit without using their hands.Options and ideas for how to engage in competitions food - a lot.


If you want to entertain your guests, you can remember children's games, which is also great to entertain company.Merry will be fun youthful divination book.To do this, choose the edition of jokes or funny stories, and predict the future of the book.For example, some people have to call two numbers, which will mean a page of the book and the line, which should read the presenter.This line will be predictive.This is a very fun game, which entertains great little bored audience.