How many days in a dog in heat?

Owners of dogs female willy-nilly forced to face at least once in your life with a term such as estrus.This process is completely natural.He suggests that the animal is ready at this time to perform an important function - breeding.But sometimes the owners are completely unprepared for this situation and the issues they cause all the manifestations of estrus (and this is the correct name of this condition of the animal), since what actually happens, and ending with the question of how many days the dogestrus lasts on average.

symptoms of approaching maturation may serve to change the behavior.At some point, your pitomitsy can suddenly become lethargic, stop eating or, conversely, not to show its inherent aggression.Getting the estrus dogs expressed just such eccentricities.During this period, it becomes difficult to train an animal, we can only try to control his behavior.

Next, let's talk about how many days in a dog in heat can last, depending on the breed.Overall estrus is not more than 2 times

a year.Some small breeds between heats can reach and even more: one year, or even a half.Lasts state of estrus 20 to 25 days.This time can be divided into four main periods.

The first of them is conventionally called proestrus.It lasts from 1 to 8 days after the onset of estrus.This is the time of preparation of the body of the dog for mating.The animal appeared bleeding from the genital organs, which can deliver a lot of trouble the hosts, and this should be ready.During this period, the dog has no interest in male, more than that, it simply can not to let them in.Therefore pairing animals at this time is undesirable.

Then begins the actual estrus in dogs.How many days of estrus period lasts?Usually this week: from the 9th day from the beginning of the 16th inclusive.The dog is shown active interest in the opposite sex.During the walk, it can clearly demonstrate their willingness to male dogs to mate.At this time, the host must be particularly strictly control animal to prevent unauthorized contact.The best time for the planned matings are 2-3 days of the estrus.During this period, the discharge becomes colorless.

third period is called metaestrus.How many days in a dog in heat at this stage?Not more than 5-6.This is the period from the 17th to the 22th day, when the sexual desire in the dog slowly subsides, previously swollen genitals return to normal size, evolution ceased and the animal starts to behave the usual way for a host.

And finally, the fourth period, or time between heats, when the body of the dog is recovering, as the period of estrus is depleted, even if the animal is not pregnant.

know how many days in a dog in heat, it is necessary to any owner, because if this condition is delayed more than 22 days laid, it is a reason for panic.In such a case it is required to show the animal to the vet, to avoid inflammation and diseases of the sexual sphere have his favorite.