Required attribute hostess fluffy purring - carrying cat

Carrying the cat - an essential attribute of every owner purring.There are times when you need to carry (in vetkliniku, the exhibition, binding, etc.) the animal and make it not so easy, because the cat normally does not sit on their hands quietly, she scratched and tries to escape.In this case, the best assistant - a carrier for cats.There are different types of these products.Now we look at them.

wicker basket-carrying

good thing, made of natural material.It appeared quite recently.Just a few of its advantages: the original design and easy.In carrying this has disadvantages:

  • Wash it can not be permissible only wet wiping.
  • leakage.
  • quickly absorbs odors.

Best used for not very long movements.Particular attention should be paid to the choice of door lock reliability.

bag (cloth)

There are two versions of such products:

  • With rigid frame.Typically, such models are convertible.This their opportunity is a plus in storage.Bag with a skeleton - a more secure type of transportation.It is mor
    e suitable for long journeys.
  • Normal tissue.Typically, these are inexpensive to carry.They are light in weight and are sold in various colors and sizes.In such carry cat pets can be transported with low weight.Because of the sagging bottom heavy animal will feel uncomfortable.

advantage of perenosok:

  • they are light;
  • they can be worn on the shoulder;
  • quickly folded, compact;
  • easy to store as they do not take up much space.

container or plastic carrying cat

This option is the most reliable in terms of security.Such carrier for cats are made of durable plastic.Most people prefer this kind of transport for their pets.


1. Easy to store.If you detach the side fasteners, such a carrier for cats is decomposed into two parts, which can be put on top of each other to save space in the closet.Only need to ensure that the fasteners are not lost and the door.

2. It is easy to disinfect.You can use a disinfectant spray.You can also clean the carrier for cats with water and detergent.

3. There are models with a top window, through it will be convenient to pet pet.Thus pull it from carrying unnecessary.This will be useful if your animal for the first time on a journey, or he is too nervous.

For such models have optional accessories:

  • water troughs;
  • wheels (if you have heavy or pitomitsy you are transporting some animals);
  • attachable door;
  • shoulder strap.

Carrying a basket

predates all types of products, similar in appearance to the container.But this view is not very convenient, because the animal can jump.

carrier for cats: price

cost of such things depends on many factors:

  • on the product type.
  • from producer.
  • the materials used in the manufacture of transportation.
  • on the size.

We hope that the above information will be useful to you, and you will be able to choose for themselves the best option.