Is it true that cats have fleas transmitted to humans?

cat - this is probably the most common pet (competition he can make except the dog).Almost every apartment has a pet.On the one hand - great when the house is a kind of soft fluffy ball, but on the other - be hell to pay!And one of the most common problems encountered when their contents are fleas in cats.These insects are transmitted to humans or not?And how to get rid of this scourge?These are the questions we will consider in our article.

actually infected insects mentioned the cat is not possible.For man can live only one species of parasites - that human fleas or lice.However, the bite may have any fleas, including those living on cats and dogs.So if you notice that your pet is scratched, you should immediately take appropriate action.

So what should you do if there are fleas in cats?Transmitted to humans or not, we have already found.But this does not mean that these bloodsuckers totally harmless.Covered Insects are carriers of various diseases.To get rid of them, it is necessary, first, to t

reat the animal pelt, secondly, placing disinfected.

Elimination of fleas in cats can be done either by using national resources and through special purchased.In the first case, use of wormwood or tar soap.Wormwood fleas do not like.The grass is dried at first, and then gently rubbed into the skin of the animal.It is also recommended to fill the plant in bags and put them on the mat.The smell emitted by this herb, fleas do not die, however, it is likely to leave.The disadvantage of this method is, first of all, in an unpleasant flavor that can not be pleasant not only fleas but also by the owners of cats.

tar soap - a more effective tool.In this case, you just need to bathe a cat with its use.Tar odor remains on the hair for a long time, and the owners a few months can forget about such a problem as fleas in cats.Transmitted to humans, as we have seen, only the human parasites.However, prevention can be a time to use tar soap and cat owners.It would not hurt to wash them, and animal bedding.

From chemicals especially popular "Bars".If you wish, you can buy this brand shampoo, spray or drops.Recent applied on the withers of the animal and on the blades - that is, on those portions of the body that an animal could not lick.For about a day means itself is distributed throughout the skin.Withdrawal of fleas in cats in this way - the event is not too complicated, but effective.You can use the tools for prevention.Even if you do not release a pet out of the house - it is not a guarantee that the fleas he did not appear.You are free to bring larvae to the house on their shoes or clothes from the street.

course, the claim that the fleas in cats are transmitted to humans - no more than a delusion.But treatment facilities still need to spend.Otherwise, elimination of these parasites in the animal will be ineffective.After all, the cat may become infected again, larvae or adult fleas remaining in rugs or upholstery of chairs and sofas.Therefore, the house should be all treated with a mixture of water and shampoo the cat flea - wash the floors and clean the upholstery.Also, it is recommended to wash the cat with shampoo the rug.

So, hopefully, we will answer the fundamental question of article - "Does the fleas from cats owner or not."Now you know that living on a person, they can not, but his blood it is quite suitable.Therefore, the owner of "baleen-striped" often suffer from flea bites, which, incidentally, is very itchy.Moreover, fleas are carriers of various diseases.Therefore, the conclusions of the animal it is necessary.