Moccasins Tods.

fashion - fickle lady, but there are things and brands, which for centuries held on the podium and did not give way to new products.These brands include the famous Chanel, Hermes, Laboutin.No less popular and shoe company Tods.

history Tods brand has its roots in the distant 1900s.It was in the early XX century by Filippo Della Valle and founded his shoe factory.Initially, the company had the name «JP TOD's».In the 40s of the reins themselves took Dorino Della Valle, but real fame and world-famous come to Tods only in 1978.This year was the first issued moccasins Tods.The name «Gommino» was patented.

Initially shoes were designed for drivers, but quickly moccasins have become popular among men of other professions.Comfortable shoes made of natural materials favorably with classical stylish shoes and emphasized the image of a young mod.Comfortable, but at the same time aristocratic image that was created with the help of moccasins, and women liked.Interestingly, the first known person, talking about

the moccasins, was not the man, but the actress Audrey Hepburn.

moccasins tods have their secret.For example, the stud 133 at the base make shoes more comfortable.In addition, the sole is arranged such that flat and treating other diseases.With spikes massaged specific points in the feet, which is why the feet in the shoes do not get tired.

For several decades, moccasins tods not changed much.There are new prints, colors, steel demand other materials, but the shape is always uniform.As for colors, there appears a great variety of combinations.You will find both black and sunny yellow and cranberry, and emerald green loafers.Do you like to stand out from the crowd?Especially for you in the collection features printovanye moccasin with the most unusual figures.Tods moccasins sewn entirely by hand and the current level of sales in comparison with the far eighties did not fall.

stars also like Tods.Loafers buy Antonio Banderos, Melanie Griffith, Michael Douglas, Bill Clinton and many others.Hollywood appreciates the convenience and practicality.

Brand Tods does not limit its focus solely on moccasins.Here you will find women's shoes and men's shoes that are also created by hand and are extremely exclusive.The Tods you will find even bags!Agree bag plays an important role in the creation of a common image.Tods Designers believe that the bag should be not only beautiful and fashionable, but also multifunctional.Casual style is the hallmark of the fashion brand, so here you will not find a pretentious accessories and shoes.Tods adheres to the policy that all should be as user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Returning to our theme: Tods loafers can be purchased from online stores and points of sale of large shopping centers (such as the Central Department Store in Moscow).Be careful when choosing shoes, often on the Internet you can come across a fake.It's best to buy branded shoes in the official sales outlets, only in this case you can be sure of quality assurance.