Jojoba oil: cosmetic applications

Jojoba oil, the use of which is very common for cosmetic purposes - the "jewel" of natural products.On the one hand, having a high penetration, it is easily absorbed through the pores without clogging them.On the other hand, the oil on the skin surface creates a special lipid layer, a protective function, which are so necessary a person living in a crisis environment.

Oxidation stability enables an active use "liquid gold" not only in pure form, but also in combination with cosmetic products.Its effect can be enhanced by other essential oils that will provide the maximum effect from carrying out certain procedures.

So, in any cases, used jojoba oil?Its use is very diverse.Firstly, you should seek help from this amazing "healer," if you:

  • problem, dry, withering, "orange" skin;
  • wrinkles in the eye area;
  • damage as wounds, fractures, dermatitis;
  • dry skin of the lips;
  • brittle, dry, split ends;
  • irritated skin due to shaving, the action of the sun;
  • compacted areas, cellulite or stretch marks.

Secondly, you should consider a thick consistency, which has jojoba oil.Application of pure means that for this reason is possible only in certain areas of the skin.The indication for the use of the undiluted can serve as rashes, inflammation and other disorders that darken the mood.In this form, the use of jojoba oil is for owners and wrinkles around the eyes.In these cases, it is carefully "hammered" the ring finger into the skin with light movements.You can mix it with citrus, floral, spicy "ether".

If you want to use "precious" product as a cream for the face, it will serve as an ideal complement apricot oil or grape seed, taken in relation to it 1: 3.

mixture of jojoba oil (2 teaspoons), lavender (2 drops) and rosemary (3 drops) will get rid of scars and stretch marks on the skin, to return to her former tone and elasticity.Cellulite will retreat if added to this product "ether" of lemon, fennel, patchouli.It is important to make quality massage the affected areas of the skin, exercising strong pressure.

Lips also require special care.It is therefore important to apply morning and evening song, which can be obtained using cosmetic jojoba oil (1 tbsp. Spoon), and two drops of lemon balm.

each of the fair sex dream about luxurious hair.No coincidence that they called a symbol of feminine beauty!Again, a great helper can be jojoba oil.Using in this case it is rubbed into the hair roots before washing for 20 minutes.It is also useful to combine the healing oil (1 tsp.) With ylang ilangovym "ether" (7 drops) and applied to the ends of the strands that serve as true protection section.

As you know, the beauty inherent in nature itself.It is a permanent source of quality products.Use natural ingredients in personal care, including jojoba oil.The use of these natural products will give you a great result!