Wella Color Touch - a sensational breakthrough

Wella brand appeared in Germany.The company started its activity with the manufacturing of the grid for fixing wigs.Since then, it is growing rapidly, finding new solutions in the art of hairdressing.That specialists of Wella developed the first portable device for curling hair.And the creation of a series of colors and Wella Koleston Color Touch was a sensational breakthrough.

Products from professionals

Year after year the company improves its products and sets trends in hair care.To do this, are five research centers around the world.Wella Professional quality products are able to evaluate a lot of the fair sex on the planet.The choice of products offered is really great:

• Line paints Wella Koleston Perfect for many years at the peak of popularity.Its gentle formula allows us to effectively and safely paint the hair, giving softness and shine strands.

• Line tinting colors Color Touch is able to align the structure of the hair and make a deep stain resistant.

• To model and further conse

rvation hairstyles for a long time, Wella offers a series of tools HighHair, having a super-active protection and UV filter.

At Color Touch rich palette of various shades.With their help, you can not just give your hair a natural glow, but also to achieve the extravagant colors, while emphasizing their individuality.If you do not want to radically change the color, and give it a new, lighter shade, then you perfect toning of the Color Touch Sunlights.Purchase a professional paint and other products of Wella possible in specialized stores.However, it should be remembered that such paints are used for painting professionals, barbers, and to use them at home, you need to know all the intricacies of hair coloring.Gentle formula underlying this line of paints, stains gently and securely locks.Harmful substances including ammonia, in products of this company are not contained.

Advantages Color Touch Wella:

• Safe staining and expected results of color.

• lasting color (more than 24 times washing hair).

• A rich palette of colors (70 colors).

• Natural and bright colors thanks to Ekstrablesk complex.

Effect of:

• emphasizes the natural color of the hair, increasing their intensity.

• gray coverage to 70%.

• Can be used on bleached hair, melirovannyh, straightened and subjected to chemical wave.

• gentle on the hair structure.

Main series Color Touch is divided into basic and «Plus».When you select the desired color, always pay attention to it.The second type produces a more intense staining.Product Reviews Wella basically only positive.It is used by women and girls in all parts of the world.It's really a quality solution for the care of locks, which will allow you to get the desired result immediately, without spending extra time and money.Besides paint may not harm the hair structure.So feel free to purchase products of this brand.She really are very good.