Wella Color Touch - palette of colors without ammonia

existing 1880 group Wella (Vella) achieved a recognized leadership in the field of cosmetic products of the highest quality.Repeatedly it was under this logo appeared revolutionary solutions for hair - perming (1924), cream (1950), air conditioning.And now a new discovery - tinting Wella Color Touch, the palette is varied.

What is special?

At Wella Color Touch palette has a professional formula with a complex "Extra shine" that allows you to tint your hair and get on untreated hair shine up to 50%!Natural Keratin wax and care for them, give a guarantee resistant (up to 24 times washing) and bright color.Result bezammiachnoy recipe: painting foretells unpleasant surprises, the hair is not injured, does not dry.The line Wella Professionals prestavlyayuschie a series of products for skin care and hair, allowing many variations to choose solutions with hair under the individual client.Thanks to the professional formula and the use of innovative technology products Wella provides absolute achievement

of any intended effect.

Wella Color Touch: a palette of professional tools

Modern cosmetic market has a lot of products for the care of curls.Having decided to radically change its image, it is easy to try a new way of using light tint means not affecting the internal structure of the hair.And because they do not harm him.After washing, coloring pigments do not leave stripes, there is no boundary between the colored and natural hair.This makes it easy to change colors and radically transformed.This is only possible with professional cosmetics Wella Color Touch.The palette is represented by lots Relights.They contain Formula Select, Plus, and Trispectra and Sunlights.

Palette Wella Color Touch Sunlights

This series provided 6 dazzling shades.Wella Tools allow you to change colors and natural hair color becomes more saturated.

combination of pigments used in Series TriSpectra, provide dyeing gray hair up to 70%, allows you to restore natural colors.

Formula Select.Line Color Touch

palette professional hair dyes of Wella natures created for bright, extravagant, brook no banality and dullness.Relights line combines natural and expressive shades.It will give you the freedom of expression, will highlight a bright personality.Game sunlight blue-black, a bright fire, pearly shades to attract the attention of others.All shades can be mixed with each other, which gives additional colors.Professional formula provides a stable color saturation and at the same time provides excellent care for the curls.The hair structure is aligned, color pigments are fixed quickly and firmly.The gel structure of the paint makes it easy to apply it on the entire length of the strands, and the formula pH of 6.5 and without ammonia makes it possible to be painted immediately after a perm.

In developing the series Color Touch Wella Professionals sought 3D-effect, ie the possibility of creating a multi-faceted colors.Judging by the numerous guests to try the innovative paint, they succeeded wonderfully.