Cream "Before and after" whitening: reviews

Cream "Before and After" whitening produced JSC "Twins Tak," produces a range of tools to address distinct cosmetic problems under the brand name "before and after".

manufacturer suggests using cream as a supplement to the main program bleaching and prevention of age spots.He Suitable for young girls who want to get rid of freckles or even out the complexion and for mature women who want to reduce the appearance of age pigmentation.Although the line producer has two creams - actually whitening and anti-age spots, but their composition is not very different.

extract of red algae, which perfectly promotes cell renewal, shea butter, known for its complex effect on the skin, including sun-protection action, avocado oil and corn, vitamin E, vitamin C, licorice extract, cleansing and whitening the skin - are the mainactive ingredients which comprises cream "before and after" whitening.Reviews of cream will be analyzed below.


manufacturer recommends to apply a thin layer of cream in the mornin

g and evening every day.Some proposed a review, to put it quite thick for the night, in the morning to wash off the remains, but this method is suitable not for everyone, especially young women with skin prone to dryness.

What is the cream "before and after" whitening

Comments about this cream entirely positive: it is cheaper than similar funds, but effective.

Freckles - a hereditary skin pigmentation.However, they can be influenced by local means, providing protection from the sun, which contributes to their appearance, and applying natural and industrial facilities.This daily rubbing of the skin with lemon juice.If the skin is dry, you can add lemon masks, creams, mix them with water.You should also wash your face every day of yogurt or sour milk.Girls with oily skin as a tonic suit cucumber pickle or lotion made from fresh cucumbers on the following recipe: peel with a cucumber insist in a glass of water for half an hour.From time to time to do whitening mask, for example, this: in a spoonful of honey to add three drops of essential oil of lemon, this mixture soak gauze, apply locally.

Another mask, which not only brighten the freckles, but also will reduce the vascular pattern: one tablespoon of mashed potatoes is added to the finished oil, jojoba oil and lemon essential oil (10 drops each).This mixture should be kept on the skin no more than ten minutes, then rinse with warm water.

In addition, since the winter, it is recommended to eat foods high in vitamin C. Instead of cleansing milk products, you can choose a cosmetic with the AHA-acids."Acid" means help to better exfoliate the skin, and it is necessary if you want to get rid of age spots.

Any pigmented spots (freckles, spots after acne and so on. D.) Appear as a result of enhanced melanin pigmentation of the skin at the site.It is therefore necessary to ensure permanent protection of the skin from the sun, this is achieved not only by means of suitable clothing and special sunscreen.It should be borne in mind that the usual tone funds that contain SPF-filter that will not be enough sun protection factor should be at least 25.

This program can be supplemented by industrial bleaching creams, but we must bear in mind that this is sufficientaggressive means.They can cause allergies, dermatitis, skin pigmentation and disrupt cause bright spots.Therefore, we must carefully choose the particular whitening cream.Reviews of them are not so numerous, but they are enough to identify exactly the cream "Before and After".

There is a lot of money to have a professional whitening cosmetics brands.As a rule, they release the line of cosmetics for whitening, including a full range of tools for the daily care of the pigmented skin: lotions, tonics, cleansing lotions, serums, creams and masks.Also whitening procedure you can go to the salon, where carried out chemical peels and other exfoliating treatments that promote skin lightening and leveling the complexion.Among all of these funds is allocated cream "before and after" whitening.Reviews of him clearly show he is really effective, while it can be found in every drugstore.

Cream "Before and After" whitening: reviews

buyers appreciate as a very effective cream.In review, some cream "before and after" is described as the means enabling the first results after two days.A half or two weeks, age spots, freckles at a distance of one meter from the face is not visible at all, and after a month they are not visible and near.Some girls say that the effect is barely noticeable, but in order to achieve some result should regularly use the cream for about six months.Of course, the effect will vary depending on skin type (thick, thin), the severity of age spots and general regime, because in many cases, a cream to get rid of spots is not enough.Some women noted lightening of the skin after just one use.

Other pluses cream identified in the review:

  1. Suitable for sensitive skin prone to irritation.
  2. Suitable for use as a base for make-up.
  3. cream is not greasy, and mattes the skin very well.


  1. The only drawback, which states in a review - is that the cream may be quite dry, so the girls with dry skin it should be used with caution and be sure to complement the moisturizing agents, otherwise avoid peeling.

Thus, this product is really noteworthy.It is perfect as a supportive care, supplementing the correct "solar" mode of procedure in beauty and natural home care.Moreover, a number of reviews suggests: you can do without costly procedures, replacing them with just cream "Before and After".