Tips on choosing nail polish

Select varnish is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.Buying it is necessary to take into account many factors: color, quality, price, structure, etc.One should not forget that we should take into account the type and nature of their skin.
In order to choose the perfect color for yourself varnish should determine whether it will be combined with the colors of clothing, which is planned to combine the nail.It is equally important to remember that the owner of nails sloppy form in any case should not stop attention to red, scarlet, burgundy, black, plum, blue.
skinned women should not choose yellow, blue, green and gold lacquer.The ideal situation will be varnish pink and red.Dark-skinned girls suit almost every shade except for the bronze.Also available must be paint that matches the color of lipstick.
After the color choices will be made, it should determine the quality.In the first place the level of product quality and packaging shows the price, which should not be in doubt.The absence of tr

aces of glue on the package and the smell of acetone from a varnish - is evidence that the product is good enough.
choosing, you should pay attention to its consistency.Thick paint will be bad to lie on nails during application.Too thin, it will be clear and watery color.When buying, it is necessary to ask the seller to show color on a piece-Probe, the only way it will be possible to evaluate its consistency.In more detail, read about it here.
quality, as determined by odor, it should not be pungent and sharp.Luck with the addition of a large amount of acetone is able to easily ruin the nail surface, depriving it of its smoothness.This nail negative impact on the structure of the nail, after a short time they become fragile and brittle.If
polish rough terrain, it is necessary to abandon the matte nail polish, which only accentuate this problem.It is advisable to opt for a glossy pearl shades.
We have said that the price also plays a decisive role in the choice of nail polish.The product below cost 200-300 rubles is not worth taking into account.Luck, containing vitamins and minerals in their composition are about 500-600 rubles.Their advantage is not only that they are made from high-quality materials, but also that their use can achieve the result in a strong and beautiful nails.