Creams for breast and other ways to maintain the bust in the form

Chest is one of the most attractive parts of the female body, the beautiful and inviting, which is not indifferent to almost all men.Soft, soft, elastic, high, it is the pride of women and girls.This does not matter its size: there are fans of both the small bust and at large.Chest - it is always a luxury, because it is essential to properly care for her and care for her skin.One of the most popular ways to care considered various creams for the breast.

In fact this is not true.Yes, neck cream is really necessary and important, because the skin is very thin, sensitive, delicate and prone to all kinds of negative influences.However, the tone, elasticity and beauty of the bust give not only cosmetic.The best effect is produced by a combination of several methods.

First of all, it is worth mentioning the need every day to perform certain exercises to strengthen the muscles of the chest.Such training affect the body better than any cream for the breast.With their help, the bust did not sag and looks

good.Exercises such weight, well, the most popular, perhaps, is one of the most basic: you have to bend your hands, put them together in front of chest, palms up and fingers for five seconds continuously push your palms against each other.Repeat worth at least ten times.The second exercise: you have to raise your arms to shoulder level and repeat the same thing, and then - at the level of the forehead.

Creams for breast (by the way, you can replace the wheat germ oil that reduces stretch marks and prevents them) give a good effect, and in combination with self-massage.It should be kindly and gently, very gently massage the breasts, rubbing a cosmetic product to the skin.Please bust stroke his hands on top, then the bottom.The whole massage takes about three minutes.This procedure strengthens the skin and affects its vitality and health appearance of the breast, and is also considered the prevention of breast cancer, and ovarian cancer.By the way, the best, effective, safe and gentle massage is with water that is in the soul.Water not only increases the tone of the whole organism, but also gentle on the skin of the breast, increases lymph flow, a positive effect on blood circulation and metabolism.A procedure takes only a few minutes.

excellent tool for breast enhancement - douche, giving beauty, firmness and freshness, because cold water increases the tone not only the skin but also the muscles, affects the blood circulation.After the procedure, the breast should be gently wiped with a towel and apply a balm or cream.

Creams for breast are more effective if combined with other cosmetics - masks, serums.But better to refrain from scrubs: sensitive skin might react to them negatively.Perfectly on the skin of this zone mask with almond butter and honey: it strengthens the chest and pulls her (two teaspoons of oil mixed with a spoonful of honey and a teaspoon of rose water. The latter is done by dilution of rose oil a little warm water. The mixture is applied to the neck andchest for twenty minutes and wash off with warm water.

It is equally important to use special protective creams for the breast, if you want to enjoy the sun without a bra. However, this pleasure is better not to abuse because the sun causes premature wrinkles and skin condition worsens.