Chanel Platinum Egoiste - compliment worthy of the one who achieves the lofty goals

In 1993, the French perfumer Jacques Polzh introduced in the global market your fashion new men's fragrance - Chanel Platinum Egoiste (Egoist Platinum Chanel).In contrast to the previous project - Chanel Egoiste, weak demand, his new, improved version proved to be extremely successful and won the hearts of all people.Provokes a fragrance for men of strong-willed and independent fully lived up to its grandiose name and became a symbol of elegance, glamor, generosity, power and wealth.As the slogan of perfume, Platinum Egoist - it is "resolutely modern" symbol of success.

In Egoiste Platinum Chanel managed to convey the desire of men to the ideal of freedom.Vivid expression of this idea embodied in a commercial fashion houses.The main character in it wins a landslide victory over his main enemy - its own shadow, it embodies the evil passions and vices, thereby finding inner freedom.

perfume line is named in honor of the precious metal - platinum. not prim silver, screaming about his stability and

seriousness, not hackneyed gold, platinum, namely smart, which includes all the qualities of a perfect metal.It emphasizes the prosperity, special and unique charm of its owner.Positioning is the name of the perfume by way of an egoist involves a man who knows his own worth and loving independence.

main advantage Chanel Platinum Egoiste still not in a grand name, and in his inimitable, elegant aroma.The complex and harmonious combination of components allows you to take it to a work of art.It opens with a smell of Alpine lavender and rosemary, which embodies the nobility and masculinity.Then slowly come chords alpine tree bearing tantalizing citrus sweetness.The heart of the fragrance and spicy nutmeg became decisive Caucasian sage and discreet, intriguing scent of flowers Geranium Bourbon.It balances the composition bright and extravagant taste of the Iranian galbanum resin.Completeness flavor gets warm plume Atlas cedar wood, vetiver, sandalwood, moss and wood incense.His magical aura fascinates, intrigues her provocative sensitivity and enhances men desire for freedom and individuality.

But "Egoist Platinum" would not be so popular and in demand in men, if not the active attention to him women.They emit the fragrance of the many other perfume smells.Hiding in the "Egoist" features sexy and elegant women excite the hidden desires and dreams of a charming prince.The beautiful half of humanity, as a bee, fly to the smell of pollen is attracted to his true divine fragrance.This is not surprising.They instinctively want to see next to a strong, wealthy and self-confident man.Namely, this creates an image of Chanel Platinum Egoiste their owners.According to statistics, 75% of women when choosing a gift for your man stop it in this perfumes.

However, do not assume women frivolous beings.As you know, most of them are quite practical.In this connection, choosing products from Chanel, are based not only on the "brand" of the brand, but also to the characteristics of the perfume.First, the complexity of the flavor composition, the particular combination of the components give the image of personality and charm, promote the conquest of the opposite sex.The second important point - this is a good smell perfume stability.According to the owners themselves perfumery water Platinum Egoiste Chanel, smell this perfume does not erode during the day, respectively, the bottle is consumed very slowly.As you can see, there is a practical approach.

Another criterion, in favor of the smell, is considered his versatility.Aroma "Platinum Egoist" is ideal for serious business meetings, and for the noisy club parties.His credo - always be on hand at the man, who enjoys all the diversity of life.

versatility Chanel Platinum Egoiste also lies in its age of tolerance.Conservatism fragrance magically combines with sexual overtones and the positive energy that makes so easy to go through life, laughing, and perceive all the difficulties as a minor misunderstanding.But these qualities seduce both young and mature men.So now with full confidence we can say that its novelty house Chanel once again managed to surprise and conquer all, without exception.