Make-up for the impending century: the ins and outs

Professionals Can not easily hide any flaws.Make-up for the impending century performed by special rules.However, they are in no way limit the obladalnitsu of age, she can safely use any colors and try a variety of images.The main thing - to observe the basic principles, but otherwise you can show imagination.

What it is necessary to do, doing make-up for the impending century?

There are a number of rules that, when such a structure it is necessary to carry out the century.

1. If you do not have much experience, I always paint the eyes, not closing them.This is the most common mistake: the girls, even knowing this rule, still covered with painted eyes.So you can do it, but only if you have a good practice.

2. Do not need to be applied to the mobile eyelid dark shadows.This is very important: a dark shadow applied just above and need to lighten the mobile eyelid.

Make-up for the impending century instruction

1. When adjusting eyebrows as possible make them a little higher.Eyebrows should be

as thin and neat, it will open and refresh look.Sometimes a professional eyebrow adjustment to virtually save a woman from the problem of an impending century.

2. All the eyelid, apply a base for shadows.This can be especially designed for this purpose means.Professionals often use a light opaque shades suitable density or even powder.But the funds need to be carefully selected, not all of them are suitable for this purpose, so it's best to buy a primer.It is applied to all mobile and fixed upper eyelid.

3. Under eyebrow necessarily applied light shade can be dull, but preferably with a light natural luster (not pearl!).Our goal - to visually increase the distance from the eye to the eyebrow.

4. Now turn the light and dark shadows.Light applied to the inner corner of the eye, the middle part of the rolling stock and a small portion of the fixed-century.

5. The most important stage - the application of corrective dark spots.The figure below shows where it should be located.But keep in mind that at different ages, it will change.Some girls with strongly overhanging century forced to make its middle portion is thicker, the bottom line of the "spot" above, and thus completely ignore the natural crease.

As you can see, shading exterior area there is no need.The next photo is clearly visible: the lower limit of the dark shadow is much higher than the natural folds, and a movable part of the eyelid and the still covered with a very light shadows.

for drooping eyelids is very convenient to use pencil technique: pick soft, good tushuyuschiysya pencil.With open eyes fixed on the top draw century line, which will depict the crease.Gently blend it.

Thus, the rule is simple: dark shadows applied where pronounced drooping eyelids.Makeup at the same time can be anything.You can even do smokey eyes, dark shadows began shading drawn with pencil pleats and brighten the mobile eyelid.

Make-up for the impending century subtleties

Spend some time searching for your ideal age toning.The structure of all faces are different, as well as the degree of overhang century.Work with shadows as paints, composing light and dark spots, but on the face.

not use eyeliner - is Owned by the fact that almost never goes eyes with overhanging eyelids.Graphically clear line on the edge and eat without a narrow visible part of the movable century and visually make the eyes less.The model in the photo above is made with the use of make-up eyeliner, but she has no impending century.This option is shown as an example, which is fine and girls with special structure Century: The displayed moving part and gently feathered high loop.

The same applies eyeliner pencil, but still had the possibility of wider: it can be applied very thinly and shade, execute a loop for further shading.The prohibition applies only to thick clear lines of ciliary edge.

eyelashes curl desirable: it can also hide the structural features of the eye.The first picture shows the model with little or no make-up, but with lashes, partially offset overhanging eyelids.Dyeing eyelashes mascara is necessary, achieving a natural effect.In this case, the drama will not work, but if you want more aggression in the make-up, it is better to make a more intense corrective spot.The lower lashes better not to paint or cover with one layer of mascara.

beginners are not recommended to use perlamutovye shadows.They are allowed, but they work harder than matte.

So, doing makeup for drooping eyelids, pay special attention to the eyebrows and careful rendering blackout that corrects a disadvantage.