Several of the recommendations, how to apply foundation and powder

Unfortunately, not all girls are the happy owner of a smooth, flawless skin without the slightest defect.Awful environment, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle - all of this is reflected in the face in the form of enlarged pores, blackheads, acne, pimples, greasy and other "charms".But both want to have the same exquisite complexion, like models on the cover of magazines.And nobody cares that these images are processed in art editors.However, closer to the ideal is still possible.The main thing - to know how to apply foundation and powder.It is these funds are able at least for some time to hide the imperfections of the skin, and their choice should be taken seriously and thoroughly.

If the skin is dry or sensitive enough, the ideal option would be a liquid foundation with a light texture, within which shall contain nutrients and moisturizing ingredients.In normal skin is appropriate to use a cream layer wherein the pigment is relatively high, but its application after it appears on the face almost transpa

rent.Oily and combination skin needs more dense foundation with matte effect.But for a problem to choose the best means of containing antiseptic substances podlechivat that need to disguise.Particularly noticeable defects can "paint" in addition.To do this, on the tip of your finger to squeeze a drop of cream, then "drive" him in the problem area.

And now in more detail about how to apply foundation and powder.First of all, the skin should be well cleaned and lubricated daily moisturizer.Once it is fully absorbed, you can begin to spray or cream tonal framework.You should begin with the T-zone.It is the center of the person from whom the massage lines should be allocated on the cream.And now about how to properly apply the powder.And the foundation and concealer for age (applied if necessary) are well absorbed, is to fix the result.It is better to use loose powder soft and thick brush with natural bristles.Dip the brush into the powder, it is necessary to gently shake off the excess, and only then to touch her face.It is also possible to use a sponge, which is particularly well suited for the treatment of the nose, forehead and chin.As for compact powder, it is believed that it is intended only to correct makeup.Apply it all over your face evenly fail.Although, of course, every girl she has the right to decide what it means to prefer.For oily or problem skin quality mask defects brush or puff a little difficult.Therefore, how to apply foundation and powder - is partly a question of an individual.

And another small detail: the make-up is best done with natural or close to light.It allows you to see any flaws that under normal light bulb may not be visible.By acquiring masking agents, try to buy a quality product, which is not smeared and will be spread in broad daylight.Especially for you was made a small rating foundation.Here is the list:

1. "Vitalumière Aqua" by Chanel.

2. "Luminious Silk" by Giorgio Armani.

3. "Le Teint Touche Éclat" by Yves Saint Laurent.

4. "Norma Derm" from Vichy.

5. "Skinleÿa" by Sisley.

6. "Parure de Lumière" by Guerlain.

Among them you will surely be able to choose the one that suits you perfectly.