Are you concerned about gray hair?

in hair follicles produced special substance - melanin.This pigment black-brown color, which is responsible for the hair color saturation.Over time, the cells that produce this substance, lose their activity, and in the curls is becoming smaller and smaller, until it disappears altogether.As a result, hair starts to turn gray.Besides color, hair texture changes and they become more rigid and rough.For staining can not like ordinary hair dye.For gray hair need to choose a special, more durable and high-quality tools for painting.However, it also happens that, together with the appearance of gray hair is loose and brittle, then for their painting just need to use a sparing and better natural dye gray hair.

Natural remedies for coloring gray hair

most effective means for gray coverage are natural colors such as henna and Basma.They were used thousands of years ago.Henna - a powder from the dried leaves of a tropical shrub lawsonite.This tool is used for staining and treating hair and scalp.That's why

for many centuries does not lose its relevance, this hair dye.For gray hair - for the purpose of coloring in dark colors - it is used in combination with basmoj, other natural dye.
It is obtained from the dried leaves of a tropical shrub - indigo.As part of henna and Basma include tannins, they nourish the skin of the head, strengthens structure of the strands, making them elastic and shiny, and most importantly, stimulate their growth.However, these curls painting with natural dyes has one drawback - you can not always predict what will be the final shade.Of course, if you like to experiment with their looks, then you is not a problem.If you are very sensitive about their appearance changes, the head of hair dyeing with natural dyes you even better to use the services of an experienced hairdresser.Although in this case, the desired result will not always be guaranteed.Here are unpredictable these natural colors!Some women as natural dyes used decoctions of various plants.For example, from the peel of walnut, onion peel, chamomile, black tea, etc.However, it is unstable dyes, and the result can not be durable.

best dye gray hair

How good any natural paint, modern women have more confidence in professional products for hair care, including for their coloring.Modern science has invented a lot of benign and reducing agents for gray and for damaged hair.Today, beauty salons experienced experts prior to the application of loose and brittle gray strands treated with their special tools, and then they applied hair dye.For gray hair colorants are used with a high percentage of ammonia, otherwise the color will stay for long.Nevertheless, in order to avoid undesirable outcomes prior to the application of paint is best to test a number of manufacturers and only then choose the most suitable.

In professional paint contains more pigment.This guarantees full coloring of hair, and to restore their structure attached to means various salves, oil and whey.As you can see, a lot of staining methods, and only you can decide what is right for you hair dye."For gray hair, choose only high-quality paint," - it is advised to you by professionals.