You want to be beautiful?

Beauty - a gift, which can not be overestimated.Before a beautiful woman opened all the doors to fulfill her wish was honored the powerful.Any outfit suits her and sits perfectly.But few people think about the fact that not all are recognized as such by the beauty of nature.And even those who are different correct, expressive features, be sure to emphasize the advantages of appearance skillfully superimposed makeup.

Themselves Pygmalion

Now in any town or village, and sometimes in the villages, there is a beauty salon with varying success to help you realize conceived image.But rises and the associated question: "how to make a beautiful make-up at home?"Immediately specify: beautiful - that is the correct and from an aesthetic and technical point of view.From an aesthetic - "coloring" should not frighten, and to attract, obscures the defects of the face and to focus on the merits.From a technical - "draw" face should be such that it is not turned into a mask or theatrical makeup, did not look vulg

ar and natural.That is to say that others have seen, yes, tinted eyes, yes, sponges lipstick and gloss.But mascara and eyeliner, and lipstick - not in place of eyes, eyelashes and lips, and to them that their stress.Thus, the answer to the question of how to make a beautiful makeup at home, is simple: create itself.

Where to start

Start, perhaps, is to define how much time I can spend on it.Because of the allotted minutes or hours depends on the complexity of your beautiful makeup, and what operations you can do on their own appearance.For example, manages to impose a mask, a massage, or have to be limited to traditional washing.Next, decide by what you want to see yourself today.Surely you have fashion magazines - to scroll through them, see examples of how to make a beautiful makeup, a photo, attached, learn.Just do not forget about their own tsvetotip, features of the structure of your face (if it round, oval, etc.), planting and size of eyes, the cheekbones and the shape of the mouth, other subtleties.It does not always make up, perfect model, will be as perfect for you.Next time - hairstyle and clothes.Your selected colors should go well with coloring clothes and not contradict it.For example, if you vodolazochka zhёltenkaya bright, saturated shade of green or light green are manifestly bad manners.As well as the blood-red lipstick to them - beautiful make-up at home so you will not create.Finally, where are you going?Casual makeup is different from the evening.

Step by step

If you are with everything sorted out, we proceed to the formation of a favorite.

  • Make nutritious or hydrating mask.Once - a wash, wipe the face tonic that pulled together the pores and it was not greasy.
  • Apply to face base, mask the problem areas (pimples, redness) concealer.It's to do with circles under his eyes.
  • If you use, apply tonalnik.One of the rules of how to make a beautiful make-up at home - concealer should be slightly lighter than your skin.You do not use it - come in handy powder.Face powder, not forgetting about the eyelashes and lips.
  • Paint eyes.Observe the application technique, feathered border crossings shades.Pencil, eyeliner and mascara, use in moderation.More nuance for how to make a beautiful make-up at home, - perform it accurately.Any smearing, smudges prohibitive.A powdered ink for eyelashes look more lush and beautiful.
  • lightly Brown the cheeks.It was a little that people do not think that you have a fever or consumption.Again powder.Surplus whisk blank side puffs.
  • lips emphasize pencil (the difference in the tone of lipstick), then lipstick and gloss.You can restrict shine.
  • powder neck, too, that the person did not differ in color.Pre-freeze boiled water, and as a final touch, wipe your face and neck with ice cubes.Makeup acquire the natural look, and the skin begins to glow like.Wonderful effect, by the way!

Skill comes with experience.Perfection, and be great!