Max Factor False Lash Effect - the perfect mascara for perfect eyelashes

to eyes appear larger, and the sight was a deep and expressive, just needed a lush, long lashes.Unfortunately, not all the ladies presented the nature of such a generous gift.However, the beauty industry provides a considerable amount of money a professional makeup, thanks to which it is possible to correct some of the shortcomings of their own appearance.

Arrows of Cupid

in an elegant century thick long eyelashes poetically called "arrows of Cupid."Still, after a sly glance lovely eyes, thrown sideways, as if by accident, wounded men to the heart.However, while glamorous beauties and ladies had to use all sorts of means such antediluvian black or zhzhёnoy cork.And what would they say today, getting them into the hands of mascara Max Factor False Lash Effect?Delight, for sure there would be no limit.And there, by the way, from what!After the ink - a new means of decorative cosmetics from Max Factor, company brand, all products which are invariably highly regarded in the market and enjoys well-dese

rved respect and a solid reputation among professional stylists and makeup artists all known fashion houses.The product is reconstituted carcass line double coating.Almost everyone who used the Max Factor False Lash Effect, leave only positive reviews and enthusiastic.Notes the following advantages.

Feature brushes in a tube

It is large and made of rubber polymer.With this gaining as much dyestuff as necessary for application to the eyelashes at a time.Because Max Factor False Lash Effect covers, envelops each cilium separately, without weighing it down with the excess ink.Although the tip is rounded at the brushes, it does not prevent quality prokraske corners of the eyes - in those places accepted to pay more attention to make-up.Ink is applied to fine - from the bottom to the top and root ends.After Max Factor False Lash Effect will be applied for the first time, you will find yourself the owner of a completely natural, quite thick lashes.

Features application

As noted above, ink requires a double application, though after the first time a positive result is expressed clearly.Saturated color pigment (black) corresponds to the natural, natural.Therefore, the eyes do not get the mask effect, or theatrical makeup.So, Max Factor False Lash Effect is ideal for an evening, the solemn, festive make-up, and for ordinary, everyday.The second application raspushivaet lashes, divides, preventing sticking and the formation of lumps, gives them the necessary volume.It is in the division and careful color of each hair, from the beginning of growth and to the tip, is the secret to beautiful, lush, long lashes, that gives its owners of Max Factor False Lash Effect.

Qualitative characteristics

addition to decorative, ink, and performs the function of healing, as well as all professional cosmetics.It nourishes the hair, has a moisturizing effect, promotes restoration of the structure of the hair fiber.Eyelashes acquire the flexibility to grow better, more updated.Being hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and other additives, False Lash Effect lasts all day without showering or smearing.At the same time washed off means is very easy, any product makeup remover.Thus, using this ink, you get the effect of false cilia - and nothing more!