Chemicals parabens What is this?

Now twenty-first century: a time of new opportunities, technologies and tools.At the moment there is so much new that our ancestors in the days of the nineteenth century would have seemed a fantasy.It is impossible to imagine life without telephones, computers, the Internet, as well as tools such as shampoos, creams, lotions, cosmetics.But we do not always think about the dangers and benefits of these drugs.Parabens - what it is and whether we should be afraid of them?What to beware, and that it is better to buy?

Parabens - what is it?

We first need to understand the fact that harmful and what is useful.Parabens - what is it?So, the question we are responsible professionals.Parabens - a specific class of chemical compounds which are found in some natural plant.For example, even in blueberries include several types of material.

Why such substances are part of the funds for the care of the body?

Parabens - what it is and where to find them?Parabens are a part of means for body care and many oth

er products.As a rule, parabens can be found in shampoos, shower gels and bath products.It is the most cheap preservatives that help extend the shelf life of the product.These compounds effectively fight bacteria, mold, which primarily cause damage to goods, and are too dangerous for kids.Parabens, there are several types, each of which helps prevent development of or other hazardous substances, so in shampoos, for example, they are added in several pieces.

danger substances such as parabens

Parabens - what it is and whether they are harmful?Each has its plus minus.Usually, doctors say that such substances can provoke decreased fertility in men.Some parabens are more dangerous, and some - less, yet they affect the body is not the best way.For example, research scientists have shown that propylparaben and butylparaben are the most dangerous.There is also a view that the preservatives in cosmetics cause cancer.Like it or not, it is not known for sure, but still should be wary of this.In addition, scientists and physicians have found that parabens mimic female hormones, and if it enters the male body destroys the male reproductive system.Now experts conducted studies to confirm or deny the harm to the health of parabens, as well as to find out how these substances penetrate the skin.

Parabens and cosmetics

So, you already know the answer to the question: "Parabens - what is it?" Now it is necessary to learn about their connection with cosmetics, as well as the impact on the body, control and safety of use.Composition cosmetics, tend to be quite complex, and often it includes harmful substances.Naturally there will certainly tell whether harmful parabens in these facilities for the care, we can not, but caution is necessary.Thus, beware such substances in cosmetics: propylparaben, methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben.In the EU there is control over the use of parabens in cosmetics.Manufacturers added to their only permissible concentration.Also, some brands produce natural remedies that do not use parabens: they are replaced by safer substances.But in America there is an organization that conducts a qualitative assessment of the components that are part of the makeup.Carefully study the composition of that purchase, prefer natural remedies, and you can be sure your health!