Painting "Loreal Ombre" will help create an original effect

Worldwide, women follow fashion trends.Nowadays painting style "Ombre" has become popular not only in the design of the nail, and when changing the color of hair.

This method is characterized in that the color of a smooth transition from a dark to light tones."Ombre" can be made as short hair and long.But more advantageously just such an effect on the look of curly or wavy hair slightly.If you want to do a painting on their own, then you will "Loreal Ombre".If you do not ever dyed your hair yourself, do not worry.Staining with "L'Oreal Ombre" - an experiment of elementary discharge.It's the world's first paint for home use that helps to purchase a smooth transition from one color to another.

Includes professional comb, which will help to put the paint in such a way that there was a smooth transition, gloves, instruction, an oxidizer, a developer, a balm for colored hair and a jar to mix it all.Hair dye "L'Oreal Ombre" exists in 4 colors:

  • first - from light to dark brown;
  • second - from light b
    rown to dark brown;
  • third - from light blond to dark;
  • 4th - from light to light brown light brown.

However, at present in Russia are not represented all shades, no paint №3.

Well, you have already bought the paint?Then proceed.Put on your gloves and start to mix paint, oxidant and color developer.Shook the jar of paint to mix well.Well, done.We now proceed directly to the process of staining.

First hair back should be divided into two halves, then apply an even layer of means with a special comb.Application of "L'Oreal Preference Ombre" should begin approximately at the level of hair length between the earlobe and the chin.Spend strands comb through once to the border has become a natural coloring blurred, not sharp.And it is necessary to start from the bottom up to the bottom of the ink was greater than at the top, and then the desired effect you will not achieve.Separate each strand, comb spend with means, holding it vertically, so that the paint itself will be distributed correctly.Leave the "Loreal Ombre" 25-45 minutes.The waiting time depends on the desired intensity of clarification: the bigger it is, the more lightening.Check how to come from paint, it can be looked on a small patch of hair.When the time rinse paint "Loreal Ombre" warm water and apply a nourishing shampoo intended for hair care.Now dry your hair a hairdryer and evaluate the results.

If you do not like the effect, or the color is not a smooth transition from one shade to another, then you can start coloring slightly above previously taken the length and repeat the action, but do not forget to stop in time.

So, you have learned how to make a painting "Ombre" using paint "L'Oreal Preference".Now try the method on your hair, and do not worry if the first attempt is not everything turned out, because it takes time and experience.