Castor oil: reviews of its use in cosmetics and dietetics

In medicine, castor oil is used for a long time.It is good analgesic and fights viruses, it is often prescribed as a laxative.But there is this miracle drug and mass areas outdoors.

In particular, when used there is an increase lymph flow.Oil perfectly absorbed by the skin and penetrates deep enough to affect the lymphatic system.In this regard, his property will have a very positive effect in the fight against cellulite.For example, performing a massage, you can use pre-castor oil, after such a procedure reviews are very positive.The effect of it is markedly increased, and it is useful not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also for health.

Many people try to fight cellulite at home, buying expensive creams, masks and scrubs, but did not get the proper result.Of course, this problem is not only outside, and deal with it better than complex.But when desperate women know how much castor oil and which at the same time it gives the effect, that are shocked.

Another use of this very effective m

eans - to eliminate all sorts of problems of the scalp and hair.In its pure form it Try Us uncommon, but if you make a mixture of one of the recipes, which includes castor oil, reviews say that out quite effectively.If you want to give your hair volume and strength, and to accelerate their growth and eliminate the loss, you need to make a mask of 2 tablespoons of oil, the same amount of onion juice and egg yolk.It is applied on a dirty head, held for 20 minutes, then washed with a conventional shampoo.If the hair was falling out, will help castor oil mixed with lemon and pepper tincture on alcohol (you can buy a pepper vodka and use it).But from dry scalp oil mixed with calendula tincture and rub before you wash it.

There are plenty of ready-made cosmetics, which include castor oil, opinions about them are also very tempting, but before the application is still worth taking a look at the composition.Sometimes there is so much chemistry that has no oil will not save the situation.

With this tool, you can grow long lush lashes and eyebrows.It is applied before going to bed a little brush.You can also use a brush from the old mascara, after having washed it.

For people with dry (or even scaly) skin may be advisable to use this tool in its pure form, rubbing it massaged.And it is suitable for face and hand and body, and even the skin around the eyes.It is not an allergy, it is very important for sensitive people.Even for combating acne using castor oil.Reviews say that it is effective, but only if regular use.The oil is rubbed into the cleansed, pre-steamed skin.After the eruption of the second procedure is significantly reduced.

those who are trying to lose weight or to cleanse the body of toxins that can be recommended to take the inside of the capsule, which is castor oil.Where to buy it that way?Of course, at the pharmacy.But internal use is better to start after a conversation with a doctor or at least pharmacist.Nutritionists also often resorted to the use of oil to the patient it easier to withdraw toxins from the intestines.So applications in low-cost means of huge amount.And most importantly, that there is efficiency.