Doing their own hands akvagrim

akvagrim - it is a tremendous opportunity to make a holiday fun and memorable, not only for children but also for adults.But few know that it is possible to make akvagrim their own hands, without resorting to the professionals.Putting figure on the face can be part of the fun at the party, devoted to, for example, birthday.

What akvagrim

akvagrim children - a special low-fat face paint, water-based.They do not bring any harm to children's tender skin.Washed off without any special detergents that can cause allergies in your baby, just use ordinary baby soap.These special paint dries very quickly when applied to the skin, which will make akvagrim with his hands gently and easily.

what is useful to you

you need to stock up on paint and special items for its application.

  • paints can be purchased at any store for creativity or in a store, "Detsky Mir".Better yet, do it in a special theater kiosk.Make-up for the drawings on the face and body is in the form of a powder to be diluted with water o
    r ready-made, resembling a usual gouache.
  • Sponges for applying makeup.They will help you gently and evenly apply paint to large areas of skin.
  • brushes, at least 2 pieces.One should be fine, to be able to prorisovyvaniya small parts, and the second - is flat.It is best to use a brush with natural hair, you can buy the usual drawing of the store for artists.

akvagrim Before you do with your hands, be sure to test the colors on a small area of ​​the skin: even paint and hypoallergenic possible idiosyncrasy, caused by the peculiarities of the organism.

Drawing - the most crucial moment

Most often akvagrim - drawings of the animal on the face of the child.If such art seems too complex for the first time, then look for other ideas for creativity.When you have decided on a pattern, practice on a regular sheet of paper.This will greatly facilitate your work and will not make a mistake.Start to draw by following these practices and stages of applying makeup:

  • First prepare the base for painting - apply to face smooth and even tone sponge layer (you can use a sponge).Apply the background color is from the top down, focusing on the folds around the nose and lips.
  • Note eyebrows, they need to make the most invisible in the first phase, to continue to give assistance when necessary expression of the face.
  • Then proceed to drawing the eyes, use a gentle cream paint, apply a soft, wide brush.Then draw a thin contour lines, while holding the brush at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Draw soft eyebrow pencil or a suitable brush.
  • Next akvagrim applied from top to bottom: the cheeks, lips, chin, if necessary, neck and arms.Done!

If you celebrate children's birthdays and kids akvagrim do with their hands, then it can afford to skip the first step of applying a tone and start immediately draws the details.In this case the image will not be as "plausible", but all the children certainly will be satisfied.It is also possible to use glitter, pearl powder, which will make the image more vivid and expressive.Have a nice holiday!