Idealia Pro Vichy: knowledgeable reviews

Recently, the market has a new concealer pigment spots, serum pharmacy brand Idealia Pro Vichy, reviews of which are sometimes contradictory.As is known, spots - freckles is sometimes flourishes in the face.Often this occurs in the spring.Some believe Idealia Vichy cream is the best product of Vichy.There are many great tools, but the cream is completely different.It is their personal opinions about the Vichy Idealia Pro.Reviews are convinced that they coincide with many others.Promises about the many represented the cream: wrinkles, perfect moisturizing, reducing the visibility of pores, giving radiance.What do they say about Idealia Pro Vichy reviews positive character?Of course, one need not literally take advertising.However, cream very good job with the responsibilities of care.

Delicate cream gel

As texture is delicate cream-gel that many people like.The cream has a fairly pronounced odor.This is stated in the description from the manufacturer.However, many delighted with him, just want to

sniff and smudge.The cream is pleasant enough, instantly absorbed.His skin, as noted, just drinks.It does not leave a greasy and sticky.Damage on top of it foundation is not normally slips and slides.Normally it is applied in the morning and at night.Or regularly used at bedtime and in the morning alternate with other creams.

skin relief

What is the result of a Idealia Pro Vichy?Reviews prove that the skin is perfectly moisturized and instantly formed a cumulative result.So that in an emergency a few days can do without this cream.There has been no peeling - the skin easily withstand even severe frost.Cream instantly gives the skin luster and complexion becomes much better.Sometimes you can not see, and then reduce the loss of wrinkles.But the relief of the skin becomes smoother.The pores are not clogged, the cream does not provoke any inflammation.When used at night, the morning will not be greasy.Indeed expect that wrinkles will disappear and become invisible pores, hardly worth it.For this there are special devices.But the skin condition improved markedly.

After glycerol

Does not like Idealia Pro Vichy?Reviews of other ladies indicate that some do not like the "Vichy" due to inefficiency and silicone in the composition.Manufacturer, as always, gives a lot of promises that the cream will make your skin perfect, that is alarming.There are suspicions that the main ingredient - a silicone leveling the surface of the skin, making it more visually flat.Attention is drawn to the dimethicone is present in third place after the normal glycerol.The cream has a beautiful pale pink color, the scent is pleasant, too, is easily distributed on the skin.But in reality it is not absorbed and dries.After ten minutes after application may start to itch a little face.The skin is sometimes prone to dryness, sensitive and thin.In this case, when running a hand over his face, the cream begins to slide.Even experts say that you should not give in to the phrase "perfect skin".Perfect skin effect occurs at least two weeks.So before you buy a cream, it is best to test it on hand.Distribute, wait until absorbed, and try to roll.If the pellets do not occur, then you can safely buy.