Veet: strips for hair removal will make your skin smooth for a long time!

When approaching summer, before the girl often raises the question of how to achieve the perfect body without hair.In the market there is a lot of money for hair removal, such as stripes, cream, wax.Someone chooses a painless means, while others - more effective.Consider a few solutions to this problem.

most painless means of a depilatory cream.This is a very quick way to get rid of hair on your body.In just 10-20 minutes you will get smooth skin and well-groomed feet.Cream for hair removal "Velvet" exists with various additives, and for different skin types.Put him in the portion legs for 10-20 minutes, and after a time, carefully remove with a spatula, together with hairs.After the procedure, wash the skin with warm water, if necessary you can use a sedative.Depilatory creams are suitable for use in areas of the body such as the bikini area, because there is very delicate and the skin more sensitive.The effect on the kind of good, but not durable, the hairs start to grow just a couple of days.Howeve

r, if the cream to use often, it slows their growth.Over time, the effect will not stay for a few days and several weeks.

Veet depilatory -poloski - promise a longer effect than cream, and it is up to 4 weeks, aspull out the hairs by the roots.Dosing listed on the box.The set of such means as Veet (strip for depilation) includes napkins, with which the procedure ends.Technique is as sharply as possible to pull the strip and pull the hair together with the roots.The company Veet depilatory strips also produces a variety of additives and for different skin types.Hair removal strips - a more painful way, but, as the saying goes, "Beauty requires sacrifice."Also, one can not say that it hurts, becauseeach person has a pain threshold.

next agent is wax. Tools for depilation depilatory need to buy for anyone who decides to carry out this procedure at home.They need to warm up the wax.Most often, this is done in a microwave oven or in hot water.The disadvantage of this method is that it is very difficult to apply a thin layer of material.The wax is removed by a sharp, quick movement against the hair growth using a cloth.The remains are washed away with plain water.This method is most effective for removing hair from the area above the upper lip.

should never be carried out in the depilation of eyebrows and eyelids, it can cause severe burns, and if you have damaged or burned skin, it threatens to exacerbate the problem.

Before you start waxing should be done a test individual test to determine the sensitivity of your skin, as well as allergic reactions.If you do not follow these rules, it can lead to damage and in some cases even chemical burns.

Choosing depilation method, remember that effective - does not mean painless.However, if you have a low sensitivity, you'll like Veet (strips for depilation) and wax.