Means "Alerana" eyelash: reviews

eyes with thick lashes chic definitely chained outside perspective.How to achieve this effect when the need to regularly use decorative cosmetics?Whatever it was miraculous, still its composition affects the quality and growth of eyelashes.Their loss in a small amount is considered normal, because when you update the hairy parts of the body to prevent loss.But what to do when thinning eyelashes, eyebrows causes worry?On the eyelashes on a regular basis is necessary to put the nutritional means to restore and strengthen.Russian Pharmaceutical Company "Vertex" presented by the drug "Alerana" - spray for eyebrows and eyelashes.The drug restores hair structure, nourishes color stimulates growth and has protective properties.

«Alerana" eyelash

reviews courted controversial facility.Some users of the drug were delighted, others change for the better was found.Try to understand the composition of the assets and the recommendations for its use.The structure of the hair shaft becomes thinner because of the

corrosive environment associated with improper care and permanent decoration eye face zone.Forget about purifying lash from cosmetics, as well as the nutrient media is not necessary."Alerana" for eyelashes and eyebrows consist of day and night formula.Accordingly caretaker effect "lasts" all day.Day means of stimulating growth and protect against the negative impact of the environment thanks to a specially developed formula.Night care formula nourishes and moisturizes the base of the eyelashes, restores the structure and the natural pigment of the hair.Apply the product is necessary after washing on a line of hair growth, spreading along the entire length.The course makes use of one to three months, and repeated 2 times a year.

Opinions consumers

means "Alerana" eyelash reviews which suggest positive results, improve their appearance, structure.It is an excellent basis for mascara, so it protects the hair from the effects of color cosmetics and environment (strong sun, wind, frost).Eyelashes and eyebrows gain length, thickness, healthy shine and intense tsvet.To also means "Alerana" eyelash, reviews of which less positive, and has a different effect.Many use it noticed a backlash - eyelashes to fall harder.Some appeared eye irritation, though the manufacturer states that the vehicle approved by ophthalmologists.


analyzing the composition of the "Alerana" eyelash, customer feedback, we can draw some conclusions:

  • Components of stimulating growth and improving the quality of eyelashes funds should have a beneficial effect and comply with all according to the manufacturer function with proper storage and handling instructionsfor use.
  • effect can not meet the customer subject to the availability of a disease associated with the violation of certain body functions, as well as intolerance of a component agent.