Versace "Man Eau Fraiche" for men - a fragrance that can not be criticized.

Versace "Eau Fraiche Man" was released in 2006.It is a light, soft and refined version of the famous fragrance Versace "Man", although he is as elegant and harmonious.In 2010, the new Versace took 18th place in the top 20 best selling fragrances of America.

Pyramid flavor

created by renowned perfumer Olivier Cresp, fragrance includes spicy, woody and fresh notes.The top notes sounded crisp and juicy lemon, bergamot, giving tart sourness, spicy cardamom and soft light scent of rosewood (rosewood) having a sweet floral color.In the middle appears cedar framed spicy cocktail of black pepper, tarragon and sage, all complemented by fresh tarragon.The base notes of cedar aroma of the noble shade warm ambergris and musk, spicy saffron and amber.

Brief description: refined, elegant, fresh, crisp, clean, charismatic.

Despite the abundance of spicy and woody notes, Versace "Man Eau Fraiche" so fresh that it almost always refers to a group of summer flavors.

What he , Versace "Man Eau Fraiche"?

After listening to the first notes, it can be concluded that this is a typical citrus aroma, but on closer acquaintance turns out that it demonstrates an excellent game and excellent detection.Herbal and spicy notes, clear pepper, fruit and even soft powdery, and all this against the background of noble wood sound - changes the flavor of his face more than once, that's where so many opinions about it.Its iridescence - one of the main advantages.The fragrance easily wins the loyal fans who consider him a model of courageous, amazingly noble, but at the same time a light fragrance.Train and durability - they do not have a clear opinion.But overall positive reviews, also do not forget that this is a fresh scent, and the group he demonstrates excellent performance.

Smell like and women who are not always able to evaluate the brutal heavy scents.Furthermore, fans of fresh and discreet perfumes are happy to use them yourself, although it is for men.The aroma of this eau de toilette - a delicious, sexy and definitely most enjoyable.Even those who do not deem it suitable to their way, others will perceive it favorably.Versatile, easy, relaxing and always pertinent, it looks great in any situation, as the classic suit of excellent quality.Despite their summer destination, well "played" in the cold autumn days, warming the warm woody and spicy notes.Ideal to attract the attention of the general female.

Similar scents: Blue Seduction by Antonio Banderas, Eau Sauvage Dior.

Who does not fit Versace "Man Eau Fraiche"?

course, everything depends on the nature of man, but not one user said the youth flavor.There is no gravity, mature male power, representativeness, assertiveness, though, certainly enough masculinity and sexuality that allow you to "wear" it at any age.Most definitely felt that this eau de toilette Versace - so expensive it sounds perfect.No one design flaw was not observed in a review, one said - yes, stitched perfectly.But perhaps the perfect costume just does not your color?

Some say it as a lack of awareness.And it really would be a huge disadvantage for those who want not only beautiful, expensive and exquisite freshness, and dramatic uncompromising originality.That does not detract from the flavor charisma despite the apparently widespread, it has its own flavor.It is noteworthy that all women, without exception, speak of Versace "Man Eau Fraiche" with delight, while not all men like to create their image."For boys, corny is not enough power" - that is what you can find comments.However, an increasing number of reviews interpret differently the same qualities, saying that the scent of the young - yes, but not mushy.Rather - a comfortable, friendly, laid-back.Interestingly, even those who are considered unsuitable for the image itself, noted the quality and said that its crystal purity and harmony can not fail to please.

Thus, if you try to describe this creature home Armani, one can say that this is a brilliant work.This masterpiece of popular art, which is dissatisfied with only a handful of aesthetes who are tired of mass and seeking originality, or those who are waiting on the flavor coarse and tough masculinity.But even they can not deny that Versace "Man Eau Fraiche" created by master of his craft.