Shellac - a palette for each day

gel coatings are gaining in popularity.It is a quality manicure for a few weeks.CND The company continues to produce new colors and new products, one of which was the gel nail polish shellac.Palette him, on the one hand, very modest, but on the other - is diverse.Shellac varnish took on ease of application, gloss, bright color, and from the gel - no odor, non-destructive.Because of gel varnish, you can forget about a greased manicure, chipped nails and get a manicure shiny, sleek and durable.Shellac dries quickly, and the application takes a very long time, just 30 minutes you will get a wonderful manicure lasting a couple of weeks.This manicure is suitable for women who are weak, the layer of nails.Through thick coating your nails will not break, and you will be able to strengthen them, to grow.Shellac is based on natural ingredients that will not only give you the beauty, but also do not harm the health of nails.

The coating is applied in five stages:

1 stage.Prepare your nails to manicure, shifts

the inner lining, treat them with a cotton pad moistened with a means-cleaner.This is done to remove all dirt with nail varnish and thus will last long.

Step 2 - Apply a base substrate and dry under a lamp for about 10 seconds to put the nail to the cuticle very close to manicure looked neat and nice.

Step 3 - Apply two coats of shellac color, then dry the nails under the lamp for 2 minutes.At this stage it is possible to show imagination and make up the second layer of a different color.It all depends on your uniqueness and looseness.Palette gel coatings allow you to dream in color choice.

Stage 4 - Apply the top coat for shine, dry them again.

Stage 5 - conclude with a cotton pad soaked in a special tool, remove the sticky layer.Manicure ready!

completing all 5 stages, and spent about 30 minutes, you get a brilliant, neat manicure.And in order to remove nail polish, you will need only 10 minutes.To do this, simply put means for removal of the gel on a cotton swab, nail wrap in foil, and after 10 minutes an orange stick to remove the varnish.

This spring, shellac-color palette is expanded to 12 colors.In addition, the coating Efeects allows you to create effects on nails pearly radiance, holography, bronze coating, gold glitter, and a palette of colors to diversify if we combine it with shellac varnish.The palette is very diverse: from delicate light shades to the most vivid, saturated.Currently palette shellac CND is about 51 shades.However, combining two or three colors together, you can create up to 80 different shades.This will allow each woman to choose the appropriate color nail polish for every occasion in life.And for fans of the business and a strict style shellac-palette offers shades for French manicure.

Shellac - a middle ground between strong gels and bright paints.The nails become stronger, they are difficult to damage or break.It does not increase the thickness of the nail, as in acrylic or gel coat, does not increase their fragility, and you can not be afraid that at the root of a broken nail, caught them for anything.