We select makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

Every woman wants to look spectacular and beautiful.To emphasize its advantages, you need to define your tsvetotip and in accordance with them to pick up cosmetics.

Brunettes are different: with light and porcelain skin, which does not take no tan, and dark-skinned beauty with olive skin.The Council for the first and for the second is this: when choosing a foundation Preference is given to neutral tones with golden-brown shades, or beige and olive.Never buy a brick shades of cream, the color is not for you!

Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

Darkie with dark eyes is better to choose tobacco or dark yellow color powder.Lipstick can be bright pink or ruby.Blush suit coral, pink or dark peach hues.Eye makeup can be done by any shadows that are suitable to your style and color of clothing.For everyday make-up well-suited brown or neutral colors, dark pink, gray.Fulfilling evening make-up, be sure to pay attention to the selection of gold, bronze, pink shades.Purple shadows and dark purple eyeli

ner create the image of the femme fatale.

Day Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

At this time of day makeup should be natural.The main thing - it's a fresh new look of the face.Well it copes with this task loose powder and cream fluid.The tone is selected in accordance with a touch of your skin.Do not overdo it with color in bright light it will be very noticeable!Choose peach tones.Eyebrows should emphasize slightly brown or dark pencil, slightly saturate their color.But the form of the need to remember always: comb and pull out - a mandatory procedure.Pencil lightly draw a line on the upper eyelid, a little thickening it to the edge of the eye.Apply and blend the shade in the outer corner of age apply a darker tone - your mind will be more expressive.Eyelashes nakraste brown or black mascara.This is the best day makeup for brunettes with brown eyes.In addition, you can use a day of chocolate, silver and purple shades of shadows.Arrows draw is not too large.Remember that the main rule of the day make-up - no sharp transitions.Lip gloss is quite natural shades.

evening makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

For evening make-up makes a clear line of eyebrows.Shadows can be applied to use contrasting colors or glitter.It is best suited for the evening brown, blue, bronze shades.Green shadows as effectively underlined expressive look.If you make your plans to perform "Smoky Eyes", then choose a dark gray shadow with flickering effect.Well suited for evening makeup black eyeliner.

Makeup for brunettes with blue eyes

blue-eyed girl must choose shades and colors, contrasting with the color of the iris.For example, brown, black, pink, silver colors could not be better suited to your style.Do not try to use eye shadow often black pencil or eyeliner.

Makeup for brunettes with gray eyes

for this color eyes fit almost all shades.The only thing is to be careful - it's brown and yellow colors.Your eyes with such shades can become "tearful".