Highlighter - what is it?

In stores every year there are more new-fangled means of decorative cosmetics, the purpose of which very few people understand.In pursuit of the beauty of each girl in her purse like to have not just a novelty, and it is useful tools.In a literal translation from the English word highlight means "to emphasize, highlight".So highlighter is intended to highlight, highlights certain parts of the face.That's how stars are corrected relief, hide wrinkles and give a clearer shape and fresh look on his face.Mac highlighter to help get rid of a tired appearance.Green, pink, white, blue balls that make up some of the funds will be able to give a person a unique glow and hide inflammation.

Operating principle

highlighter - it is what it looks like?Usually it comes in the form of powder, corrector, blush, shadows and may be different shades of "ivory", white, light beige, gold, bronze and silver.The effect is achieved through the highlights included in the light-reflecting particles.They are part of how cr

umbly highlighter and liquid.Often ladies confuse them with masking agents, but they are not designed for corrections - highlighter mask by reflective particles, and not due to the density of texture.

Remove the traces of fatigue

highlighter - that is, what is it?Applying it to the make-up, you can select your eyes, visually lengthen the face and make a higher forehead.He easily help you impress fascinating look at the celebrations.However, it is important to remember that the highlighter particularly draws attention to areas with acne, so do not use it in problem areas.At the top of the cheekbones it is applied with your fingers, giving the person the freshness, and whiskey - the letter "C", thus rejuvenating the face and visually "revealing" look.The tool can be applied to the back or sides of the nose, thus correcting its shape.Make your eyes radiant and sparkling possible if the first treatment with mid-century.Highlighter - that is what the traditional place of its application?The main area - is:

  • brow over the bridge;
  • sides of the mouth and chin;
  • bridge of the nose;
  • along the orbital eye seed;
  • area above the upper lip.

layer of loose translucent powder - the final stage.

Learning to use

How to use highlighter?Apply the product should brush at hand, waiting until it is absorbed.Then you need to process the outer corners of the eyes, rubbing strokes gradually moving to the inner corner.To begin the dark circles around the eyes should be at least, before it processed the beginning of the nose and the outer edge of the eye socket.

extremely important means of quality shade.Now that we know more about the opportunities offered highlighter, what it is and how to use it, you will be able to easily "tweak" the oval of your face, make a correct its proportions and give the lips a seductive plumpness.Be irresistible!