Permanent Mascara - beauty for a long time!

procedure for applying make-up is usually perceived fair sex as a sacred act, a ritual that brings joy and satisfaction.However, it does not always have time to give him.More often than not in a hurry for the modern woman hardly has time to "draw" the eyes, mouth, and - forward.Help the problem may be so-called "long-playing" makeup - permanent.

Advantages of permanent mascara

Permanent mascara is good when in the morning they simply have no time to tint the usual ink, and in the evening to wash off all the "splendor" special means.It keeps it at least 2 weeks, or even longer.This means that as many as 14 days you can save for the extra 15-20 minutes of sleep in the evening, and the same morning!It's great, is not it?However, the advantages are not only in savings.Permanent mascara has more advantages:

  • It does not spread on the face, if you are exposed to rain, suddenly burst into tears or sweating.And even when I wash, cheeks black streams will flow not!Very convenient, right?
  • Permanent mascara does not fall off like normal.With what eyes you come to work in the morning, with the same will return home.And to correct makeup during the day, too, you do not need.And yet that's what a great bonus after a romantic date and passionate nights you do not have to shamefully hide his face with a black "bruises" around the eyes and remains chic "Arrows of Cupid", with which you captured her partner the day before.
  • Permanent Mascara - ideal for make-up when you visit a sauna, swimming pools or swimming and walking on the sea.It is best to use if you are going on a journey, which is supposed to rest on the water.
  • Another important detail: this ink suitable for natural lashes, and of extension.As an additional service to beauty salons and offer to do termozavivku.

eyelashes to grow better

Modern cosmetics rightfully considered to be multifunctional.They are not only used to create a particular aesthetic effect, but also important as therapeutic and prophylactic.Special ink for eyelash growth, on the one hand, carefully paints over each hair, giving volume and length, and on the other - affect the structure of cilia, moisturizes and nourishes, heals damaged areas, iefully heals.With regular use of such means is really lashes become thicker, faster, updated look well-groomed, healthy, beautiful.By accessing the store and looking at the shelves with a variety of products, in dealing with a legal issue, what mascara is better, it is desirable to focus here on what indicators:

  • composition of cosmetic products.In addition to traditional - wax and dyes - components, high-quality carcasses must contain a variety of caring ingredients.This medicated oils - castor, jojoba, etc.Further, mandatory lanolin, keratins, a set of vitamins (A, F, B5, E).Notice whether it has anti-bacterial elements and whether it is hypoallergenic.
  • consistency.In qualitative means it should be creamy, and applied without lumps, lay down smoothly and gently.
  • shelf life.If it is close to completion, the ink can already lose their beauty and other properties.Use it is not necessary.

Successful purchases, and be satisfied with his appearance!