When and how to apply menthol oil

Menthol oil - a medical device having an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action.In some cases, the drug produces an analgesic effect that constricts blood vessels.To the main indications for use include menthol oil dermatosis, headache, rhinitis and pharyngitis, tracheitis, angina.

Before using the drug on their own should consult a physician for the purpose of early detection of contraindications and avoid further health problems.

menthol oil can cause some side effects: allergies, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, increased pressure.Very carefully use the drug in the treatment of children.Children under three years of menthol oil is contraindicated.

When lesions of the respiratory tract should be carried out with the use of steam inhalations cup of hot water with menthol oil.Migraine help to overcome special menthol pencil, tapered surface vessels.If the headache is necessary to lubricate the forehead, crown, whiskey.Interestingly, the lotions of menthol oil used even in the fight against cell

ulite.Very useful mentha oil for the hair.In the summer it is possible to grease the exposed parts of the body to escape the heat.

menthol oil: application for treatment of the common cold

This drug is increasingly prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of nasopharyngeal colds.That treatment was faster action to apply the oil must have when the first symptoms of a cold.From the common cold to help and compresses, and simply rubbing or inhalation.You can also rub the medication into the nose: it will remove nasal congestion, but the procedure should be prodelyvat once in two hours.As for inhalation, they should be carried out three times a day for ten minutes.Sometimes appointed chest compresses.

menthol oil for sprains and fractures

bone fractures no oil is rubbed into the skin, as these movements can cause pain and make it worse.A safer and less painful option - the use of analgesic poultice based menthol oil.To make it, you need to moisten the cotton-gauze bandage in oil, diluted in water and applied to the sore spot.

most common drug used for sprains, as it has antispasmodic action, and also functions as an anesthetic.If you apply the drug topically, it temporarily narrows the blood vessels and deprive the sensitivity of the end of the nerve fibers.When dislocations doctors recommend taking a bath with the addition of the drug.

Thus, it is clear that menthol oil - a wonderful tool that deserves a special place in your medicine cabinet.It is useful in a variety of health problems and how to help cope with colds and mechanical damage to the body.Remember that before applying the medication you need to carefully read the instructions for use and consult a doctor.If there are no contraindications, you can easily "save" from harassing you ailment yourself at home.