Peppermint oil: preparation and use

Peppermint essential oil - a substance that is produced from perennial herb of the family yasnotkovyh, in particular from different kinds of mint, peppermint often.It comprises a plurality of components: most of menthol, its 70%, and still there is limonene, cineol, carvone, geraniol and many other aromatic compounds.

Getting substance

main raw materials are a little slightly dried leaves and stems of peppermint.In industrial scale substance produced by stripping with water vapor (distillation).The essential oil content in the plant of 0.5%, i.e. in order to obtain one kilogram of the end product will need to recycle 45-50 kg feedstock.It should be noted that the material thus obtained will be quite expensive.

But most of peppermint oil are made on the basis of a base oil.Such a substance can be made easily and most at home.To do this you will need:

- base oil, such as grape and wheat germ;

- glass containers, be sure to cover;

- dark glass container;

- small otrez gauze;

- mallet;

- a plastic bag;

- raw material: fresh, plucked mint (within days).

So my mint, dry them and shifts in the package.Then repel the raw materials directly in the package with a hammer - so it let the juice.We shift weight in glass containers, ramming and fill the oil base.One day the mixture should drain.Repeat all the steps three times, each time leaving the old oil and using fresh raw materials.Then ready peppermint oil is poured into a dark glass container.Keep it should be in a cool dark place tightly closed.

Peppermint oil: application

applied this substance is very wide: it is used in the manufacture of cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals, and traditional medicine.Special mention deserves the use of peppermint oil in aromatherapy.In this area, it is used to flavor the premises for massage and rubbing, for baths and saunas.Peppermint oil has a complex effect on the human body: it stimulates the nervous system, tones the body, acts as a mild stimulant (in intimate terms) means.In addition, this substance is used internally and externally for many diseases such as rheumatism, pains in muscles and joints, skin inflammation and rash, headache, nausea, cramps, and others.


Despite its usefulness, peppermint oil is nota tool that can be taken thoughtlessly and without any restrictions.For example, if we increase the dose of the substance in a mixture for inhalation can cause respiratory distress, or bronchospasm.Furthermore, peppermint oil actively affects the heart muscle, which may lead to heart pain.Once the substance is not recommended for use during pregnancy - it can cause contractions.A small children it is not necessary to put it on the skin - peppermint oil has a very strong impact on the delicate baby skin.Therefore, the substance is used wisely: in small doses and better only externally.