How to choose the buttons for coats?

If your wardrobe there is a fur coat as the winter you will meet it precisely.

beautiful outfit

Currently, this outfit can be called a measure of consistency and success with women.Collar, various brooches and buttons for the coat is very important, as are the few, than it can be decorated.

important point

beautiful buttons for the coat - it's not just clasp, this is the real decoration, this element of the decor, which is individually selected for each product.For exclusive models fur garments are made to order and usually, in a single option.They can be chosen so that they are decorative and colorful, standing out against the background of your coat, and you can make a completely invisible, it is not evident, but only accentuate the elegant style of dress.

today as decorations fur can be found at times the most incredible options buttons.Small, medium and very large;round or completely improbable forms made by the author sketches;metal, cloth, plastic, or coated with crystals and precious

stones - Buttons for coats should not only be different beauty in themselves, but also to be tastefully matched to a particular fur products.

Buttons with rhinestones

special arrangement among fashionistas won buckles with rhinestones, as well as performed in the Empire style.Probably due to the fact that they are decorated with openwork carving, gold often contain inlay.They are not only look elegant, but can radically transform the appearance of the entire product.However, there are limitations.You must be able to stop in time, otherwise you risk looking tacky, tasteless, and so is the Christmas tree.

Where to buy buttons for the coat?

can buy them in specialty stores and showrooms in haberdashery and order online at sites that specialize in such production.

If you need something special, unusual, original, you can order the creation of such a miracle master directly.These fasteners are made individually, and you can be sure that they will be the only owner.

Manufacturing buttons

Buttons for fur - it is not only the clasp, and decoration, so they try to make so that they were more like a piece of jewelry.A lot of these products are made of zinc alloy and brass.After that, the buttons for coats cover electroplating.Typically, this is used for precious metals.Also, there are a coating of silver and gold, silver and rhodium or platinum.

a result of this work you can see a little jewelry.Sometimes the buttons decorate crystals and other similar elements.Price


Surely, everyone thinks there are a lot of fancy buttons and not everyone can afford.This is not so almost anyone can afford to make the purchase.On average, one button can be bought for 800 rubles, there are options for cheaper and more expensive.


to choose and buy buttons for coats, one must remember that it is very important that their own product.Only in this case, your fur coat will look elegant and stylish, and you are in it will be smart, self-confident woman.

How to sew a button a coat?

probably many kinds of buttons, the same methods and sew them.As you know, any business has its own nuances, and this is no exception.

So, the basic rules:

  1. is necessary to choose the right needle.If we sew on buttons to the coat, the needle should be thick, spicy and with a great eye.If you need to attach a couple of buttons, you can do it easily and quickly, but when they are more than a dozen, the thread is folded in half.Due to the double thickness of thread, stitches will need to do much less.
  2. If you want to sew a button with the stalk, then it is necessary to enclose a match.It is necessary then to entanglement by a thread to make a small gap between the clothes and buttons.This will fasten the top free things, it does not pull buttons with fur.You need to sew in a place where there were traces of the past, first remove all the skin.We start from the inside.Then pull the thread to the right side until the end of the match and the past, threading it through the eye, stretched and threaded inwardly from the other side of our pieces of wood.Buttons for coats with four holes should be carefully attached cross or parallel.
  3. To toggle does not come off quite ten stitches.After derive thread between fur and buttons, take out a match and several times the resulting yarn are wrapped leg."Tail" thread can be fixed much easier: the French are doing some sort of knot on the inside of the product.
  4. There have buttons on the leg, once in the final version.But they are still better to sew the same way.This is necessary to avoid excessive deformation of the fur.
  5. How to sew a button a coat?In this case, there are several other features.On the reverse side sew another little to strengthen the fur or skin in this place.Do not immediately rush to do it yourself, it is best to look for a start, as others do.When purchasing be sure to select buttons and replacement, and in the case of loss of one would have to alter everything.
  6. buttons in the breasts should try several times, and then get down to business, or your clothing may subsequently ridge.
  7. flat fastener is not necessarily sew by hand, if you have a sewing machine.But for such an operation requires a special foot.Next, read detailed instructions (to the sewing machine), where everything is perfectly painted, and more!We just need a little patience and learn, and the process is surprisingly fast and very simple.It is hard to fix the button, otherwise the risk to sew it in the wrong place.The rate of this should be minimal.Then cut the long ends and fasten!All is ready.


conclusion Now you know what the buttons are for coats, their right to choose and, of course, to sew.You can share your skills and with her friends!