What temperature should be in the cat and how to measure it?

Happy is the owner, who's favorite furry chetverolapy never ill.However, not everyone is so lucky, and if the animal zaneduzhalo, often the disease is fever.The fact that this increase in body temperature, you know, in general, all.But to say that something has improved, it would be nice to know the norm.And here's what the temperature has to be a cat, not all owners know.There its normal range of values, and its average value is higher than that in humans.That is, to see, for example, number 38, do not need to be frightened.

What temperature should be a cat, if it does not suffer, that is healthy?The limit values ​​ranging from 37.8 to 38.9 ° C.If it is above the upper limit, it indicates the presence of fever.This happens if the cat is sick infectious disease, rheumatic processes, heat and sunstroke, brain tumors and other ailments.

Lowering the temperature may in viral diseases in older animals with renal or hepatic failure, after anesthesia, due to injury, bleeding, hypothermia.

What temperature should be a cat when it is born?In newborns, it decreased to 36.1 ° C, but rises gradually as they develop.For months she has already reached the normal range.By the way, the kittens upper temperature limit can reach up to 39.5 ° C.

There is one exception to the rule is when an adult animal is healthy, but it can be temperature changes.These are the last days of her pregnancy, or rather 24-36 hours before delivery.Which temperature must be a cat in this case?She drops by one degree and will be 36,8-38 ° C.This is one of the significant signs of impending birth.

Rules temperature measurement in cats

mercury thermometers:

  • shake down the column down;
  • lubricant to grease top of the instrument;
  • put it in motion is screwed anus to a depth of about 1.5 cm;
  • wait 2 minutes.

electronic thermometer:

  • include;
  • lubricate;
  • enter it using the same method;
  • wait for the beep.

ear thermometer:

  • include;
  • gently insert the tip of the ear, locking head cat with the other hand;
  • wait signal.

Any device of these after use should be wiped with alcohol.

How to measure the temperature of a cat, if she does not want?

If the animal does not feel enthusiastic about this idea and resists so obviously that is a threat to the owner or veterinarian, you need to take steps to fix the pet.Here are some of them:

  1. can use a blanket or towel, roll up in a pet.
  2. Veterinary experts fix by stretching cats: one hand on the skin on the shoulder, the other - for the hind legs slightly stretched body.
  3. can hold his head under his arm and body of the pet, one hand to hold the hind legs, the other - to introduce a thermometer.

What if a cat's temperature is 40?

This question is often asked the frightened owners doctor in veterinary clinic.For a man is raising indeed critical, but not for the furry friend.Although the thermometer rise one degree already indicates the presence of fever and any disease.So do not panic, but also no need to hesitate.Typically, the fever does not come alone, but in the company of other symptoms: cough, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps or other.They need to identify, memorize or record.You must take your cat to the clinic as soon as possible.For a kitten with a temperature of 40 just need to carefully watch for the baby is the temperature rise slightly, and can be caused by, for example, enhanced activity of the baby.