What are the houses, and scratching posts for cats?

Houses and scratching posts for cats has long ceased to be something exotic, out of the ordinary.From luxury they have become almost compulsory subjects of the interior of housing any owner of a furry pet.Why do we need these tools and how to use them with maximum benefit for the animal?

Each member of the family, not excluding the pets in the house should have its own corner, their personal space.Then both people and animals will feel comfortable, relaxed and secure.That is why many felinologists believe that the breeders are obliged to set the houses in their home for cats and kittens.How are these things?

could grind to a cat claws grow back, manufacturers of pet products invented such a thing as a scratching post.This plank or a log, wrapped in a dense layer of jute rope (or trimmed cloth).Such a device can be attached to a wall or stand alone.To the cat it was convenient to use it, have a scratching post should be in an accessible place.For early to accustom your pet, you can install it where

your pet has got into the habit to sharpen claws.

But if the first device is clear, then why do we need a house cat?First of all it is necessary to stress in the case of the animal to hide in his own asylum.So here's the place becomes a cat house.It can be quite small - pet do not need a mansion, but it is soft and comfortable to be simply obliged.To this end, houses for cats are often made of soft tissues stuffed synthetic padding, hollofaybera or any other excipient.This home your pet will be able to take refuge from the stress, to hide from the cold or just sleep in solitude, when he wants it.

also houses and scratching posts for cats can be combined into one - then one of the walls of the soft housing attached sisal or jute sharpener.These models allow us to save space in the apartment and compactly pet supplies.But for the owners of a large living space offers a real playgrounds: they are located on different levels of houses, ropes, stands, couches, and scratching posts for cats.Photos of these designs can be found in the catalogs of products for animal Pet Grooming.They may have a completely futuristic design and organically fit into the interior of any apartment.

So if your plans only to have a furry friend, or you are already a proud owner of humming, and even not one, lodges and scratching posts for cats you will certainly come in handy.This is especially true owners of several animals - conflict in the cat's pride is significantly reduced if its inhabitants each have their refuge in the apartment.

purchase these items may be necessary first cat in a pet shop, the poultry market, or people who specialize in the manufacture of products for animals.Fortunately, there are houses, scratching posts for cats inexpensive.Although there are very exclusive model of fine wood inlaid rhinestones.In general, anyone can pick up a gift to your pet to your taste and budget.