How to tie a stole?

Stole deserves the attention of all fashionistas.This is a practical and elegant accessory that can dilute the severity of a business suit and complement an evening dress.With stole the original, you can create unique images.You just need to know how to tie a stole.In order to choose those options that are right for you, stand before a mirror and try all methods in a row.Then you will understand how to tie a stole, and select the method that best highlights your personality.

Tippets today are very popular.Great designers have adopted this article of clothing.Therefore, any woman of wealth and lifestyle can afford stole.Modern counters offer both expensive creations by style icons and simple product available.But to buy the first available stole is not worth it, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of pattern, color and texture.Fabric should be soft, docile, easy to form folds.Well, if your tippet made of natural silk, velvet or wool.Heavy goods perfectly keep their shape, to create a rich fo

lds, so they are used for draperies.Thin scarves are best used for loops, harnesses and decorative elements.

How to tie tippet from fine fabrics?Here are some ways.Cashmere stole should be folded in half vertically.Scarf jumped on the neck end first.The ends are threaded in a loop.The result is a beautiful graceful folds, which will be a wonderful addition to a simple dress or suit.This method can be used to create a modest romantic images.

Tippets can be safely worn with coats and jackets.How to tie tippet in this case?To do this, fit not thick soft items.Beautifully tie tippet for the jacket as follows: twist of the tourniquet scarf, fold the scarf in half and hang on the neck.Then skip the ends in the loop.Get a reliable strong knot that will not crack down.The ends can be left free or hidden under his jacket.

There are also ways of tying headscarves.They are mainly used in cold weather, when a scarf is both a headdress, and protection for the chest and neck.For this stole jumped on his head.It is not necessary to press him too tightly.This starts a scarf on his shoulders.The ends should cross in front and throw back.Received a warm and elegant structure that perfectly emphasize your femininity.

Stoles can be draped, creating lush folds, patterns and even the colors of the folds.Wraps can be combined with any clothes.But for every ensemble must choose a single way to wear wraps, as well as its color and texture.For example, a heavy woolen stole not go with chiffon evening gowns, and the thin scarf will not look with fur.

Tippets can be worn at any age.This accessory is very practical and interesting, if you know all its secrets.