How to wear a scarf with a coat to get the original image?

Scarf - an indispensable accessory that makes it easy and easy way to make everyday a fresh and bright.To do this, you just have to know how to wear a scarf with the coat.Included with him any outerwear can acquire completely new characteristics.With strict classic scarf becomes more playful, models of military cut acquire frivolous tone.And absolutely in any way it will highlight.Today you can pick up a scarf any color, texture, style.It can be long or short, narrow or wide, most importantly, that it is organically fit into the outfit.And for this to be so, it is necessary to know how to wear a scarf with the coat.

Tie a scarf can be different.Methods tying scarf each individual beauty.The easiest way to leave him free to lie on the shoulders and lower ends of the chest.This elegant and romantic.This way you can use in the event that your coat has a turn-down collar, or if you wear it without buttoning.

How to tie a scarf around your neck with a coat having a collar?It is best to throw it back on

the ends, and then cross back again forward.Then you can tie a loose knot or leave the ends hanging down.For this style coat is best to buy a lush voluminous scarf of lightweight fabric, with its help you can create additional volume without weighting.

How to wear a scarf with a coat if you want to not only look good, but also protects against the cold?Choose long and dense products that can easily wrap several times around the neck.For this urban style design can slightly lower a little, it will look fashionable and modern.

One of the most popular is the French hub.It requires a long scarf which should be folded in half.Double-layer is necessary to wrap up the free ends to skip in the loop.The resulting bundle can be to tighten or leave free.If the ends of the bristle is not too attractive, then why not fill them in the folds of clothing.

How to wear a scarf with a coat, if you need a simple version?To do this, you need only tie the knot it, but receive at least fashionable.The method is particularly relevant if the collar is finished artificial fur or other material which differs from the underlying tissue.You should not reject the infantile tricks to wear accessories.For example, to tie a scarf knot ago.Then the image will turn out nice, easy and naive.

If your scarf is a bit short, it can be used as a scarf, beautifully straightening tips or hiding them under clothing.You can also choose a more sophisticated version: the main fabric is wrapped tightly around the neck, and the loose ends are tied in a knot on the side.Triangular scarves, shawls to be worn corner forward.

Today in vogue long thin scarves that practically do not protect from the cold, but any way give lightness, romance, original.Such models are simply wrapped around the neck in a random order.Front ends can be tied or leave free.