Leather coat history

story of leather coats are incredibly interesting and fascinating.Since ancient times it was believed that this item of clothing designed to protect against wind and rain.Covers like a modern cloak worn as a northern people to keep warm in the cold, and the residents of the south.

first such "robes," appeared in the XIV-XII centuries BC.Then, early humans were covered with the skins of wild beasts.The similarity of the cloak (mantle) began to use four thousand years ago.One of these models with trim and bronze clasps, which was worn 3,000 years ago, is still kept at the Museum of North Ossetia.At that time, the cloak was a cape-like mantle or penuly.

leather coat came much later.Only in the nineteenth century it was sewn first raincoat with sleeves.By the end of this century, all designers and tailors created their own variations on the theme of outer clothing, such date.Lightning thing of waterproof fabric became popular among the fashionistas of the time.Across Europe, the merchants went in searc

h of those models, which like high society.Leather coat was also designed so that in order to protect from rain and dank wind.

More and more new styles created by masters.By the early twentieth century, the cloak can be purchased everywhere.With the yoke on the back, with a strap on the sleeves, a collar and a belt - what only models was not on the windows of boutiques!Functional and easy thing like military officers.Simplicity of life element of the wardrobe, which is easy to wash and do not take up much space, acquired in the way of men.Travelers choose their products from natural materials.Men's leather coat was not a symbol of wealth and prestige.The skin can be bought absolutely everywhere for little money.

In the middle of the twentieth century leather coat has reached the peak of its popularity.We all remember the movie "The Night Porter".It was from there and taken all the brands that are relevant to this day.A variety of products from black leather and latex are buying dandies and ladies of Europe.Long coat, skirt that reaches to the heels, worn by both women and men.Closer to the 70s of the 20th century, fashionable image has changed significantly and has become much easier.On movie screens adorned with Hollywood divas in Trench from a variety of materials.Leather coats put on the backburner and is no longer a model of beauty and style.

But fashion is cyclical - and 90 years on the shelves returned this article of clothing.Women born in the Soviet Union, first learned what it means to dress in fashion abroad.They wore jackets and coats from a material that remotely resembled the skin, but it was not.Oilcloth products are actively sold out in the markets near the Central Department Store.Branded things people could not afford, and look stylish like much.For this reason, it was not uncommon at that time to meet the girl on the street in a jacket made of artificial suede, nubuck boots or a raincoat made of latex.Fortunately now, at the beginning of the XXI century, these products are not fashionable, the demand for them has fallen dramatically.