Want to know what color is now in vogue?

To find out which color is in fashion today, let's look at the last show of famous designers.

The photo below we can see one of the models of the spring-summer collection of the brand, "Dior" in 2013.Just like Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Dolce & amp;Gabbana, Moschino, Chloe, Rachel Zoe, Victoria Beckham, Burberry Prorsum, and many others, this brand clothes sewn in black and white.Yes, that is the color combination is a leader in the fashion market and in the hearts of her fans!Especially important to use it in such prints as a bar.It would seem that the so-called boring classics, but also designers and bloggers, celebrities and their example proves exactly the opposite.

step below located wonderful emerald.That he devoted the entire 2013, the color is recognized as the most fashionable at the moment.It is perfectly suited to the mint and white shades, but it is possible to choose more unusual combinations.Especially effective will look emerald evening dresses.

No less popular answer to the q

uestion of what is now the color in fashion, is as follows: it is a sunny yellow.As the most vivid and softer, pastel shades can be seen in the collections of designers such as Ralph Lauren, Versace, Balmain.This color is immediately filled with positive energy, and so it will actually be the best choice for the summer.

is gaining momentum and orange.Just like yellow, it is very bright and cheerful, so became a favorite past shows Cacharel, Akris, Diane Von Furstenberg, Marni, Gucci and many others.No wonder, because this color symbolizes youth, warmth and freedom.It is worth noting that special attention should be paid to the shade "nectarine" who sing the praises of all the gurus of fashion.

not leave the podium and passionate red.Of course, he talks about the activity and energy of the sea, raging inside of its owner, so not very suitable soft, tremulous nature.Red evaluated again Elie Saab, Gucci, Derek Lam, Diane von Furstenberg and a lot of other big-name fashion designers.

Wondering what is now the color in fashion, turning their attention to the severity of the blue-consuming.Popular as a deep, dark shades and light, soft and bright.They go perfectly with berry colors, especially red.Good blue will look with no less fashionable emerald and yellow.It is this stress such brands as "Chanel", "Fendi" "Givenchy", "Gucci", and all the others, because blue is a wonderful "home base" for clothes.

returned to the podium and calm purple.It symbolizes humility, harmony and dignity, so will be a fantastic backdrop for lovers of classic and business ladies.Beautiful evening dress of that color can be found in the collections of "Blumarine", "Lanvin" and "Chloe" and casual clothing is presented on the show "Chanel".

We would like to highlight the color fuchsia.Indeed, it is very specific, does not forgive mistakes, so I have to be especially careful when choosing the rest of the clothes and accessories, combined with a touch of it.If you do not want to risk too much, choose classic colors: black, beige, white.To create a more vivid image of a lemon suit, bright orange, turquoise, blue and green.

So, we have discussed the fact that in this season of fashion colors, as well as analyzed the latest designer shows.We hope that the above information on what is now the color in fashion, will be useful.