Best ways how to tie a tie

Bow tie - very fashionable today attribute of status, which gives the image of male elegance, and at the same time classical rigor.This is part of the formal ceremonial clothing.Such a tie for visiting weddings, made speeches, and so on. N. If you will be a status event, the advance just need to learn how to tie a tie, this small, not the dealer position for centuries rival the classic tie.Note that this attribute is traditionally complemented by coats and tuxedos.However, the modern fashion you can wear and tie together with the usual jackets, as well as at all without them, with only one shirt with short or long sleeves.But this outfit is suitable for young party or walking, but not for the solemn event with the official part.
In addition, before knowing how to tie a tie, you must first buy it.

Select bow tie

modern stores offer many options for this accessory.You can find almost all colors and patterns, materials and textures.But the main thing - to focus not only on their own preferences, but

also on the appropriateness of a particular type of butterfly.After all, this attribute should complement the suit if you go to a formal event.For meetings with friends, for example, can be worn as an accent butterfly, the little details that make the image of dashing and original.So, the choice is made.Now consider how to tie a tie.

Sleight of Hand

Attach a butterfly should be after you will put completely.Stand before a mirror and hang the tie around his neck.Fill his shirt collar.Further, the ends of the butterflies need to cross your fingers and stretch out the end that was on top, a fact which proved to be the bottom.This should be done on the right side.Then, you must move the end, it turned out to be the bottom, on the left side so as to form a loop.Through its center need to throw the upper end.Next, a second end formed into a loop.This tie is formed behind another loop through that and it is necessary to pass a second end of the tie.After that it is necessary to carefully pull the loop so that the knot tightened.Correct the node that it was exactly in the center.Properly tied butterfly must not protrude beyond the corners of the shirt.
This is the easiest way how to tie a tie.However, it is a classic and one could say, a win-win.A little skill - and the node will turn out smooth and beautiful the first time.

Some secrets tying butterfly

Accuracy is important when tying a butterfly, because sloppy accessory ruin the gloss and glamor image.
you want to look irresistible to any celebration?Do you want to create an image of this gentleman?So, it's time to buy a bow tie.This attribute is associated with the high society with refined manners and impeccable upbringing.Of course, only the butterfly tie is not enough to become a true gentleman.But if your inner qualities that correspond to the title, why not supplement them with this charming accessory?