The original patch on jeans trousers give your new life

If your favorite jeans were worn occasionally or accidentally tore a nail sticking to the bench, do not worry!For their resuscitation need not so much: your creativity, a little time and a great desire to save the product.Come to the aid patch on jeans, and believe me, it will be the best option because you will repair your favorite pants at the same time, give them a new life and add to the wardrobe of new clothes in the style of «hand made».

Choose your style

Before starting repair a good idea to decide what style will continue to exist your pants, what you plan to wear them.An important point, as this will depend crucially method and technique of repair.Style "casual" compels patch invisible as possible, not to attract attention, while the jeans in the style of American Westerns can be to emphasize the contrast, the bright patch, and thus make them more colorful.

inconspicuous disguise

Consider some of the most common and popular ways of sewing patches.If the hole in the jeans and is loc

ated in a small inconspicuous area, you can try to sew it, picking up the color of the skin, or try to make the invisible patch using preserved after shortening the pieces of denim.If you roll the trim, you can use a cloth under the back pockets, and a place to sew any other material.To do this, slay pins and the upper edge of the pocket sharp scissors to cut out the desired piece of tissue, in this case the patch on the jeans will be perfect in color and in texture.Denim has a special diagonal weave with a sufficiently large gap between the threads, which allows you to make darn almost invisible, so this repair option also has a place, especially it attracts what is undistinguished.

Bright accent

If the patch does not work on the jeans invisible, you can make it decorative, in the form of application and decorate beading or lacing.In order to single applications or embroidery it was not boring, we can do even two or three, and then your designer jeans will be a bright piece of art.Very popular among young people are a patch on jeans made of genuine leather.Particularly advantageously, they look for wear in the back pockets.For example, men in tight jeans will become more original, if distributed to them some more leather patches in different places in the form of decoration.Another tip: patch on the jeans should always be sewn, do not try to glue it as glue, and she did not survive the first wash.

ultramodern method

There is another, quite a bold way to save your jeans.Holes can not sew, but rather to enlarge and deepen it, razlohmatit edge, but if you want to add a few more pieces.In doing so barbaric way with his favorite thing, you get a trendy ripped jeans, which for several decades do not leave the fashion catwalks.

So, it is now absolutely clear that the hole in the jeans - it's not a reason to panic and upset, the situation can be easily and quickly correct, showing little imagination and hard work.